White Water Rafting: Another Tantalizing Reason to book Tickets to Nairobi

Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya is crammed with wild bush-land, gushing rivers and modish wonders of the contemporary world which sets people on a quest for flights to the destination. Amongst many adventure sports on offer for holidaymakers visiting the city, white water rafting is one of the most popular outdoor adventure activities that top the ‘must-do activities list’ of global visitors arriving in Africa. Here is a quick smattering on this thrilling activity that has been triggering the sale of air tickets to Nairobi.


Sagana (Tana)

Rafting in River Tana is most appropriate for the beginners as it offers a perfect blend of calm water and countless bird life, radiating splendid scenic scenery. The total stretch of the river is over 6 kilometres but the total rafting length is 3 kilometres in which class 2 and 3 rapids can be encountered. Travellers partaking in this exhilarating water sport can also mix the rafting experience with cliff jumping at a 30ft water fall or swim in the devil’s toilet bowl. Surfing is also a popular pick that visitors can indulge in for relishing a whale of a time.

River Mathioya

River Mathioya is one of the hardest rafting rivers not only in Kenya but in Africa as well with a length of over of 22 kilometres. The water in the river is much noisy and is packed with action offering an adrenaline rush for sports enthusiasts partaking in the activity. Although, the water level remains fairly even during the rainy seasons, grade four and five rapids are much common here. Only visitors with enough rafting experience are allowed to raft here ensuring utmost safety of the holidaymakers.

Athi River

White water rafting in river Athi is amongst the best white water rafting in Africa that offers a fun-packed holiday experience to the travellers visiting the country. This is also the second largest river of Kenya which passes through the Tsavo National Park with over 80 Kilometres allowing visitors to have a close glimpse of wild animals in their natural habitats. Rafting on this route is very tough as it takes up to 3 days and 3 nights to cover the entire stretch of water.