5 of the Best Holiday Experiences in Kenya


Kenya remains one of the finest holiday destinations in East Africa with a delightful combination of a rich culture, incredible natural beauty and exciting wildlife beckoning travellers from all over the world. While the country offers plenty of thrilling experiences for adventure enthusiasts, there are a few that must not be missed by visitors on holidays to Kenya.

Experience a Hot Air Balloon Ride


Kenya’s Masai Mara National Reserve is known all over the world for its rich wildlife and what better way than a hot air balloon ride to discover the nature’s true riches here! It is an experience of a lifetime, treating you to the bird’s eye view of the best of the country and the mesmerising setting of the Great Rift Valley. Along with enjoying this lovely ride in hot air balloon, experience a range of other exciting activities here such as bush walks, village visits, game drives and more.

Go Skydiving above Diani Beach

The Kenyan coastline is an ideal place for skydiving. The lush greenery neighbouring the beach, and turquoise waters and sparkling white sands of Diani Beach all make for a sight to behold, appearing even more beautiful as you float in the sky momentarily before hurtling down. The trained instructors guide you all the way and you also get to explore the beauty of the Shimba Hills National Reserve.

Enjoy Whale Watching in Watamu


Famed for its Watamu Marine National Park and Reserve, Watamu is a small coastal town with stunning natural beauty. The sandy beaches and coral gardens here are perfect picnic spots for tourists. Hundreds of tourists flock to the town to spot the humpback whales in the Watamu Protected Area. You can spot other species of whale and dolphin as well.

Witness Thousands of Pink Flamingos in Lake Nakuru

Lake Nakuru, one of the Rift Valley soda lakes in Kenya, is an ideal spot to spot pink flamingos. Every year, a large number of tourists choose to head to the lake that is home to a large gathering of long-necked and long-legged flamingos. The hot months of January and February are the ideal times to visit the lake when flamingos visit the lake to feed on the algae.

Explore Hot Springs and Unique Geysers in Lake Bogoria

A hyper saline lake in the Rift Valley region of the country, Lake Bogoria is a great place to see geysers in Africa. Boasting approximately 200 springs that combine to form geysers, the lake appeals to the nature lovers from all over the world. The major draw of the lake is the fact that it gets water only from the hot springs and some perennial rivers. You’ll also get a chance to see many beautiful flamingos in and around the lake.