The Wonders of Kenya beyond Wildlife

The first thing that strikes one’s mind when the word ‘Kenya’ is mentioned is its diverse wildlife and jungle safaris. True, but the country also offers a host of other activities and attractions.


In fact, Kenya, the home of the brave Zulu warriors, boasts a rich cultural history. Discover some of the best experiences you can look forward to.

A Day in the Masaai village

It is the perfect way to experience the traditional lifestyle of the Masaai tribe and their culture. You can stay in the village and explore health centres, co-operatives and other interesting things. The natives still follow a pastoral way of life and have not been completely touched by modernity. The main highlight of a village experience is the famous warrior dance performed in full tribal wear.

The Beach Experience

Kenya has miles and miles of beautiful beaches as it is flanked on one side by the Atlantic Ocean and on the other by the Indian Ocean. You can walk along the sandy beaches or just lie down and watch the Sun set over the horizon. The Diani beach, with its beautiful resorts is one such place which offers a fantastic experience. Wasini Island is pretty near to Diani and lets you immerse in a fun filled experience with dolphins and also lets you feast upon a variety of sea food at the popular restaurants here.

Hiking at Mount Kenya

Africa’s second highest peak will leave you with fond memories as you hike up to the top witnessing the beautiful ecology of the place. The expedition will take you through beautiful landscapes. You can ascend the peak from a choice of three routes, each with its unique profile and varying range of difficulty.

Live the Thrill

Kenya offers a wide array of adventure sports. It is in fact, among the best places for Kite surfing, due to its favourable wind conditions. A couple of highly popular places for windsurfing are Watamu and Diani. Sky diving, windsurfing, kayaking and paragliding are some of the other sports on offer at many places. Horse riding through the woods is also a fun-filled pursuit.