5 Reasons You Should Visit Raja Ampat, Indonesia

Comprising of over 1500 small islands, cays, and shoals, Raja Ampat is a popular Indonesian archipelago.


Often considered one of the best reef areas in the world, the isle is known for its pristine beaches, attractive corals, intriguing caves and beautiful hidden lagoons. Here are top five reasons why you should visit the beautiful Raja Ampat.


Featuring miles and miles of beautiful golden-yellow sand, it is the beaches and tiny islets that promise a terrific time to the tourists. Corals and lagoons definitely add to the beauty of the island. There are several small shacks and eateries that serve a range of sumptuous delicacies to guests. Few nestaway and wooden guesthouses are available as well.


Nestled amidst the Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean, Raja Ampat is one of the best destinations to enjoy the wondrous marine lifestyle. As the waves and ocean currents off the coast of West Papua are low, conditions here are favourable for snorkelling and underwater diving. There are special diving schools and dedicated instructors who train tourists. Apart from exploring the underwater aquatic animals, visitors here enjoy swimming and other adventure activities.


Staying in those tiny wooden huts, and waking up to the sound of the waves and the early morning musical melody created by the birds is an experience of a lifetime. Spending some time away from the glitz and glamour of the city, under nature’s ambit is something much loved by the visitors. There are not many fancy restaurants on the island, but there are several small shacks and cafes serving authentic cuisines prepared by the natives.

Welcoming locals

Although a little secluded, Raja Ampat is one of the most welcoming islands in the Indian Ocean. Featuring a long history of tribal invasion, it is home to some of the oldest aboriginal communities and native population. Festivals and celebrations in the remote villages of Arborek and Sawingrai offer an insight into the popular traditions and customs of the islands.


Since there are no big gift shops here, seashells, pebbles and sometimes pearls are among the valuable collectables on the island. Available in different colours, shapes and sizes, seashells remain the top choice of many tourists. When the ocean current and waves are high, white pearls can sometimes be seen scattered on the beaches. If nothing is available, click some beautiful pictures of the island and the surrounding landscape for your friends, family and yourself!