Fun-Filled Things to Do in Hoi An – Vietnam

Hoi An, a vibrant city in Vietnam’s central coast, radiates old world charm – something missing in most parts of the world.


This fascinating destination has been able to maintain its unique character with the support of local authorities and the natural beauty here easily casts its spell upon visitors. Hoi An is a ‘hidden gem’ in the truest sense and you can do many fun-filled things here.

Do a Photo Tour

Avid photographers can take some marvellous shots before 7 AM, when the Hoi An is charmingly calm and serene. On the contrary, the markets are interesting anytime! One can also take snapshots of regular vendors selling fruits and vegetables, customers tasting mouth-watering delicacies, and animals being transported from one spot to another. Handcrafts can be photographed at the carpentry village.

Take a Step into the Spiritual Van Duc Pagoda

If you wish to check out the spiritual side of Hoi Na, the 17th century Van Duc Pagoda is the apt place for you! Locals come here to worship Buddhist deities like Amitabha Buddha, Dia Tang Bodhisattva, and Avalokitecvara Bodhisattva. This temple is home to several monks as well. Best time to visit Van Duc Pagoda is during Lord Buddha’s birthday and other auspicious Buddhist celebrations.

Eat the finger-licking Banh Mi – Vietnam Sandwiches

An item of Vietnam’s colonial past, Banh Mi has a huge and crazy fan following! This sandwich is made up of French-influenced baguette and savoury fillings comprising of vegetables, pork sausage, and loads of other ingredients. This food item can be purchased from any location of the city as prices don’t vary much! They are equally scrumptious everywhere.

Relax at the An Bang Beach

The An Bang Beach is one of the most pleasant beaches of Vietnam. The fine sands of the coast and the views of the vast horizon from here are simply mind-blowing. You may unwind and relax under the sun to your heart’s content. There are a number of restaurants and bars significantly close to the beach. Tourists can hang out with their friends and even interact with the residents to know more about their cultures and traditions.

Go for a Bicycle Ride

A bicycle ride is the best and the most eco-friendly way to enjoy the exquisiteness of Hoi An. You will love the sights of rice paddies along the way and backstreets of the villages. Stop at any location and cherish the uniqueness of the area with complete freedom. To entice visitors, some of the hotels rent out bicycles! Guests can use them as and when required. Wearing a helmet is mandatory.