Hong Kong Disneyland – Get Immersed in Fantastic Family Fun

A holiday with family is always an exciting affair, and if it is at Disneyland Hong Kong, it is going to be more cherishing than you have ever envisaged. From thrilling rides to bedazzling shows and spooky adventures to delicious dining; Hong Kong Disneyland, despite being the smallest of all such ventures worldwide, is where entertainment and merrymaking has no limit. Take a look at what this fascinating place has on offer that sets even the most blasé souls on a quest for cheap flights bound for Hong Kong.

Theme Parks


There are seven different theme parks inside Disneyland named as Main Street USA, Fantasyland, Adventureland, Tommorowland, Mystic Point, Grizzly Gulch and Toy Story Land. Main Street USA gives visitors a feel of the 20th century town of America. Plenty of Victorian styled buildings, vintage cars and an array of old-style cafes here offer a truly realistic experience, well worth the cost of entry tickets as well flights for a trip to this fascinating place.

At Fantasyland, the fun is really unrestricted. Enjoy an array of enthralling rides, meet your favourite Disneyland characters and watch dazzling stage shows – it is nowhere less appealing than its counterparts in terms of fun and entertainment.

Toy Story Land is a must-go if you’re here with kids. Being surrounded with life-sized toys, your little champs will feel in a dreamy land. You too would have a wonderful time absolutely worth most of your money invested on flights and holiday deals for the destination. Mytic Point is the latest addition, yet is equally rewarding with plenty of rides, 3D illusions and spooky ventures. Grizzly Gulch is where visitors will be transported to an old mining town.

Check out these tips

Located at Penny’s Bay, Lantau Island, this place is all about merrymaking, of course at a price! Before you go, check online for discount deals. Hong Kong International Airport, where international flights to the city land, is well connected to Disneyland by several means of transportation. By train, it takes around half an hour to reach the park. To avoid standing in long queues at the entrance, purchase your tickets at the station. Buy some snacks and bottled water before you enter Disneyland. Water and soft drink inside the park cost dearly.