Four Vintage Tramways around the World that Becharm Even Today

We are headed towards a world where magnetic levitation and Euroduplex rails are all set to radically evolve train-transportation. However, very few modern wonders can beat the old world charm of riding a tram. Navigating through the city’s busy locales, the trams run slowly at their own leisurely pace, as if beseeching us to take it easy in life and enjoy what we have all around. Listed below are some vintage trams or streetcars as they are known in many cities, operating on some age-old tracks.

Hong Kong Tramways

Hong Kong Tramways by Fabio Achilli/ CC BY

Hong Kong Tramways by Fabio Achilli/ CC BY

Snaking through Hong Kong’s bustling streets, panoramic harbours and colourful neighbourhoods, this tramway is perhaps the best way to peep into the city’s real essence. The exclusivity lies in the fact that it ranks among the first few networks of double-decker trams. The style of the 1950s still remains intact in some of the trams.

Melbourne Tram

Melbourne Tram by David Maciulaitis/ CC BY

Melbourne Tram by David Maciulaitis/ CC BY

A visit to Melbourne is incomplete until you experience the world’s third largest tram network. It connects many key tourist attractions in Melbourne, including those in the suburbs, and is highly popular among tourists. Dating back to 1884, it remains among Melbourne’s earliest means of public transport. In the old days, horses used to draw the trams.

Wellington Cable Car

Operating for over a century now, this funicular railway has become a symbol of Wellington. While Wellington has transformed into a global metropolis, the network still has a historic feel that tempts tourists. At the same time, its present day significance also cannot be overlooked, given the fact that it connects some of the most prominent commercial and tourist spots in Wellington such as Lambton Quay and Kelburn.

San Francisco Streetcar

Fondly dubbed as “museums in motion”, San Francisco’s cable cars are the best way to explore the US metropolis at a slow pace.  The heritage wagons run on three different lines and will take you through many historical and tourists spots in the city. Some popular ones include Fisherman’s Wharf, Union Square, the Castro district, Chinatown, Nob Hill and Jackson Square.