Recommended Airlines to Book Tickets to Philippines

Philippines ranks amongst some of the favourite holiday destinations amongst British travellers. Being a popular nation, it enjoys seamless connectivity to major airports of the UK including London Heathrow, Manchester Airport and more. A host of airlines operate direct/indirect flights to Philippines, providing greater flexibility and plenteous options to Britons. Here is a look at some of the recommended options for booking tickets to Philippines and having a rewarding air travel experience.

Tickets to Philippines

British Airways

The national airline of the UK, British Airways (BA) runs scheduled flights from London Heathrow to various destinations across the island country, providing wider connectivity and flexible options to Britons. Most of the BA flights arrive at Manila International Airport, the prominent international gateway to Philippines. Fliers can book tickets for First, Business, Premium Economy and Economy with the airline. With best of in-flight entertainment, welcoming cabin crew, global network and cutting-edge fleet, it is, by all odds, the recommended choice for British travellers seeking tickets to Philippines. Flyers who love to read may while their time away reading through airline’s popular in-flight magazine, High Life. In addition, the full-service carrier was also honoured as ‘Favourite Airline’ in Globe Travel Awards.


Dubai based Emirates (EK) is another great airline for reserving flight tickets to Philippines. It offers indirect flights services to Manila International Airport via Dubai International Airport. Fliers booking tickets with Emirates can opt for first, business or economy class. They can take advantage of airline’s matchless in-flight entertainment, superlative onboard dining and superb duty-free in-flight shopping. Apart from enjoying global network, fliers aboard Emirates’ flights have access to superb onboard entertainment options including latest Hollywood movies, exciting music, thrilling video games and Live TV programmes. Bibliophiles may grab the latest copy of Emirates’ popular in-flight magazine, Open Skies aboard its flights. Connecting to over 120 destinations across 6 continents, the carrier has won more than hundred awards for its service excellence. The world leading airlines has earned ‘World’s Best Airline’ accolade at Skytrax World Airline Awards 2013.