Airport Shopping and Eating for Those on Cheap Flights to Koh Samui

Samui International Airport is the sixth busiest airport in Thailand and caters to the huge influx of visitors who book relatively cheap flights to Koh Samui with international carriers like Thai Airways and Silk Air. The airport is widely dubbed as the world’s most beautiful airport and never fails to impress its guests with its laidback charm, tantalizing dining and a non- stop orgy of shopping!

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If you love to shop en-route and are planning to book air tickets to Koh Samui, brace yourself, you are up for a whale of a time! The shopping frenzy at imaginative new Samui Park Avenue shopping arcade widely ranges from bargain stores to sophisticated outlets making it the quintessential playground for true blue shoppers booking Koh Samui flights.

Many shoppers believe shopping at the airport is nothing less than an art, the art to find the finest deals that dwarf world’s best! Most visitors who book cheap flights to Koh Samui for holidays to the picturesque island in Thailand maintain that they never find a dull moment when it comes to retail therapy at the island’s airport right from the time they disembark their flights.


But mind-boggling shopping is not all that the airport has on offer! The airport’s dazzling dining scene is charming enough to literally compel you commit that fifth capital sin of gluttony! Unfolding as an open-air eatery for gluttons spending Koh Samui flights, the airport promises something for every platter, from sea-food to European Fare Bistro and everything in between!

Sample flavoursome snacks at The Blue Elephant or indulge in a gourmet meal at the Gourmet Food Park. Or better yet, follow the taste craze at the The Taste Internet Café at Samui International Airport, fondly called Koh Samui Airport. If you are planning to book tickets to Koh Samui for holidays, brace yourself for a unique culinary adventure that will leave you flabbergasted and asking for more!