The Colourful Cheung Chau Bun Festival Hong Kong

The spring season in Hong Kong is full of festivities. One of the most exciting and intriguing festivals celebrated is Cheung Chau Bun Festival.


Travel to stunning Hong Kong to witness the amazing days of celebration from 12th May, 2016 to 14th May, 2016.

The Festival

Celebrated in the lunar month, Cheung Chau Bun Festival is welcomed with the preparation of costumes, papier-mâché sculptures of deities and baking of lucky buns. Celebrated since a century, the festival draws people from across the world.
The colourful festival is delineated as an inherent element of Hong Kong’s culture and tradition. Just a short ferry ride from Central Pier 5 of city, tourists can heartily enjoy the vibrant and unique festival.

Pak Tai Temple

The oldest and apparently the most famous temple in Chueng Chau, Pak Tai Temple has a lot for tourists. Visit to experience a religious aura during the festival. Enjoy the majestic ambiance enhanced by fragrances of incenses that are set up around the temple.

Events and Rituals

The vivacious Cheung Chau includes an array of interesting activities and competitions such as climbing carnival, lion and unicorn dances, Piu Sik Parade, Chinese Opera Performances and kung fu performances. The mystifying merriment and customs ends with the ceremony of sending back the deities to their temples at Pak Tai Temple Plaza.

Apart from all this, the showstopper is the Bun Scrambling Competition, to be held on 14th May, 2016. The participants get on the bun tower to grab as many lucky buns as possible under the belief that they will get lucky throughout the year.

Bun and Bun Tower

The lucky buns are prepared with flour, water, and sugar as the main ingredients and strictly without animal products. Enjoy three distinct flavours of buns; lotus, sesame and red bean paste. Traditionally, the Chinese character stamped on the bun stands for ‘peace’.
The huge bun tower is covered with artificial plastic buns to avoid wastage of food during the festival. Experience the thrill as the locals scramble to collect the maximum number of buns. These few excitement packed minutes have attracted people for ages now.