5 Packing Tips You Should Know

Planning a trip can be all fun and games till you land in your destination and realise you didn’t pack the essentials!


Imagine being on a beach where the sun is burning your skin and realising you forgot to pack your sun block; or hiking up to a picturesque sight and realising you don’t have your camera to capture the beauty of that place.

Here are some handy tips for your next holiday!

1.    Pack light- Yes you love choices and yes you pack a hundred outfits even for a weekend’s trip; and then realise when you are dragging huge bags of clothing when you are actually going to wear the same pair of jeans and a couple of tees in the course of your trip. According to the days you are going to spend and the type of activities you are going to indulge in, pack the bare minimum plus a few choices. You will thank yourself for keeping it light.

2.    Check the weather forecast- Been to a holiday and realised you should’ve brought more warm clothes with you? Or did you miss your shorts on a hot summer day? It seems like an obvious thing to do to pack according to the weather at the destination of your holiday; but when you skip to remember it; you may end up messing up your entire trip. Do check out the weather forecast, it will help you pack only the kind of clothes and shoes you will need. For example if there are rains expected around your visit you might want to pack clothes and shoes suitable for the same.

3.    Must haves- No Matter what part of the world you are travelling to, these essentials will never fail you. A good pair of sunglasses, a chap-stick for dry lips, a good camera( if you are into photography), moisturisers and sun-blocks, chewing gum and a small first aid kit that can help you deal with cuts and bruises on your own.

4.    Comfort over style- Packing for a holiday can be tough. One can go ahead and pack unrealistic outfits and shoes, that turn out to be uncomfortable according to the weather and the conditions of the place you are visiting. This is why it’s essential that you always choose comfort over style, so that you thoroughly enjoy your time off and don’t have to worry about a thing.

5.    Strategize your packing- So you pack your shampoos in your handbag and they leak and spoil your bag; while your socks were in your luggage when you most needed them! Don’t we all face problem when we pack up the most essential things in our suitcases and trivial stuff in our handbags?  One has to understand that packing according to what you are going to use the most is important. This way everything you need will be handy and you won’t have to unpack and restack your clothes.