Delight Your Artistic Senses at Llangollen Fringe Festival in Wales

The Llangollen Fringe Festival, from its humble past has now risen to occupy an important place in the eventful calendar of the UK. Originally a part of the Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod, this Fringe festival has attained legendary status over the years and runs for 10 days every July. The longest festival in Wales, this year it will be held from 14th to 24th July in the magnificent Victorian Llangollen Town Hall, which acts as the centre stage of the event.

Evening Events

Run by volunteers, this non profit organisation attracts visitors from across the length and breadth of the UK. Throughout these 10 days, different artists will mesmerize their audience with music, comedy, craft and skill. Here are some of the famous bands that will grace the occasion.

‘The Selector’- This band from the past still wins the hearts of fans with popular songs and its 2015 album was dubbed by The Huffington Post as the ‘’The Sountrack of Summer 2015’’.

Vangoffey -    Danny Goffey’s album ‘Take Your Jackets off’ and ‘Get In to It’ have earned rave reviews and all credit goes to his new band Vangoffey comprising of a bunch of talented musicians.
Fringe Acoustica – This band with its raw acoustic music charms music lovers has been headlined by Campfire Social.

Dread Zone – This band, a true exponent of Dub and Reggae music is back again to enthral audiences with exciting beats, great vocals and music in the festival’ s 2016 edition.

Some other Events

Besides hosting live music, the fringe festival will also stage a couple of art shows, much to the delight of art connoisseurs. The opening ceremony of this year’s festival will include the performances of Llangollen’s very own Youth Silver Band.

Art exhibition – The exhibition this year will showcase the arts and creation of local artists themed around this year’s art project ‘Structures’.

Cabaret – The pop-up cinema of Llangollen will feature vintage art films, classical music, cabaret and much more. This event is a perfect way to experience the fun and festivities all around.

Burger + Blues – Burger and Blue brings to you an afternoon complete with great live music, delicious burgers and wine, all in an atmosphere of pure fun and joy.


The tickets to this festival can be brought for just £86. Upon buying a ticket you can watch every evening concert at Town Hall and enjoy fantastic compositions by Fringe Acoustica for an entire day.