Most noteworthy IMAX theatres in the world that will transcend your Experience

Most people across the world love watching movies. Well, IMAX has taken that interest to the whole new level. Now we ‘don’t just watch movies’ we ‘live in them’. Breathtaking ambience, amazing sound effects, spectacular 3d and let’s not just get started with the screen clarity. Love movies? Then you must be loving IMAX too. If you don’t, let us change your mind by giving you a quick peek into some of the best IMAX theatres in the world. These theatres are not only among the most advanced ones in the world but they are guaranteed to make you fall in love with IMAX.

Cinesphere, Toronto, Canada

Established in 1971, Cinesphere is first ever permanent IMAX movie theatre in the world. Around eighty feet wide and sixty feet high, it is also one of the most advanced theatres in the world. Seating arrangement is for 752 people and there are a large number of amenities available. In case you need to visit this theatre, it is located at Ontario Place (amusement park), on the side of Lake Ontario.

Darling Harbour, Sydney, Australia

Darling Harbour boasts the largest IMAX screen in the world. Ultra high definition 75mm format, surreal sound system and amazing seating arrangement make this theatre a great option for movie watching. If you want to be blown away, try the IMAX films like voyage around the earth on the space shuttle and climb to the top of Mount Everest. Watching these films is like living in it, you will never look at the movies same way.

L’Hemisferic, Valencia, Spain

Whether it is their intricate design of the movie theatre or the experience they offer, Valencia’s L’Hemisferic Theatre never fails to spellbind the visitors. Holidaymakers who book tickets on flights to Valencia and have a thing for movies, this theatre is a great option. Designed in the shape of a gigantic eye, L’Hemisferic Theater is a real jewel of the city that truly enhances the movie watching experience in a great way.