Popular Black Sand Beaches in the World


Usually formed by volcanic eruptions and eroded lava, black sand beaches may not seem as romantic as the pink sand ones, but they still seem to attract tourists in large numbers. Mostly found in the tropical and Mediterrean regions of the globe, these beaches certainly deserve a visit.

Lovina Beach, Bali, Indonesia

A beautiful island paradise on the north-western side of the island of Bali, Lovina Beach is one of the most stunning black sand beaches along the coast of Pacific Ocean. Formed by the flowing lava from Mount Agung, this beach is perfect for those looking for some quiet time away from the city life. The volcanic hot spring and the nearby fishing villages are the key attractions around here. Watching sunrises and spotting dolphins are much loved tourist activities.

Piha Beach, Auckland, New Zealand

Known for its fascinating black iron sand, Piha Beach is among the most famous beaches in New Zealand. Located a few miles from Auckland, it is quite popular among swimmers and surfers from across the world. KiteKite Falls and Waitakere Ranges, located very close to the beach, are great spots to enjoy some family time. Also, enjoy the stunning vistas of the surrounding landscape from the around 100-meter tall ‘Lion Rock’.

Black Sands Beach, Whitethorn, California

Situated on California’s Lost Coast trail, Black Sand Beach gets its colour and tone from greywacke (dark coloured sandstone) and remains a popular attraction among hikers. You can spot the giant gray whales on the beach between the periods of September and January and March and June.

Anse Chastanet Beach, St Lucia

Anse Chastanet Beach is a must visit attraction in the Caribbean island nation, St. Lucia. Owing to the clear ocean waters and the nearby hidden corals, swimming, snorkelling and deep sea diving are some of the few interesting activities you can enjoy here. Fort Charlotte, Soufriere Marine Management Area and Le Pavilion Royal Museum are the popular nearby attractions. Numerous walk-up vendors serving on the go food can be found almost everywhere on the beach.

Cahuita Beach, Costa Rica

Nestled on the Caribbean Coast, Cahuita Beach is one stunning beach in the town of Cahuita. The presence of Costa Rica’s biggest and the only living reef ensures that snorkelling and deep sea diving remain popular activities among visitors here. The nearby Cahuita National Park Bird is terrific spot for the travellers to spot some interesting flora and fauna.