Top Beaches in Antigua – Take your Pick

Antigua is great for beaches. But where to start? This is a question that beach lovers who have spent on tickets for flights to Antigua may ask. Here are a handful of the most popular ones.

Beaches of Hawksbill

Not one beach but four – Royal Palm Beach, Sea Grape Beach, Honeymoon Cove and Eden Beach – blessed with natural beauty and uninterrupted serenity charm the visitors of Hawksbill, a resort. Before you start to say, “Ahh, that means I have to stay in the resort to enjoy these beaches”, let us tell you that any visitor, staying in the resort or not, can visit the beaches. These beaches are perfect if you are looking for some quiet time with your partner. Honeymooners love this place. Definitely a lovely place for indulging in flights of fancy!

Dickenson Bay

Dickenson Bay by Michelle Owner of the Squishy/ CC BY

Dickenson Bay by Michelle Owner of the Squishy/ CC BY

A complete contrast to Hawksbill Beaches, Dickenson Bay is loud, packed with options for water sports and more. Situated in northwest Antigua in St. John’s parish, the beach is one of the most sought after attractions in Antigua and draws a large number of holidaymakers. Dickenson Bay offers everything from warm sands to glass bottom boat tour. The crystal clear waters, the balmy sands, and the great atmosphere make this place a premier spot for beach lovers.

Pigeon Point Beach

A mere five minutes drive from English Harbour on the south east coast of Antigua lies the Pigeon Point Beach, a great place for snorkelling aficionados. This family friendly beach is popular among the locals as well as tourists. Dotted by sea-grape and palm trees, Pigeon Point Beach is great for an outing with kids. The calm and shallow waters make it perfect for snorkelling with the little ones. There are many nearby restaurants and hotels that offer good food. In short, if you bought tickets to Antigua, keeping your children in mind, then this is a must visit beach!

Half Moon Bay

Half Moon Bay by Theodore Scott/ CC BY

Half Moon Bay by Theodore Scott/ CC BY

Half Moon is far away from the rest of everything. But it is worth it. Regardless of whether you are a windsurfer, snorkeler, or just someone who prefers a secluded place to relax and soak in the sun – Half Moon Bay will satiate you for sure. The beach also has a lovely viewpoint, which proves to be a treat to the eyes. One important thing: as the beach is secluded, far away from the rest of the attractions, it is recommended that you visit the place before sunset. Make sure to pack some food, water and all the necessary items if your plan is to spend the whole day.