What Agadir, Morocco’s Laid Back Town, Has in Store for Visitors

A premier spot in Morocco for sun, sand and beachfront fun, Agadir operates at a languid place, providing a refreshing change from the hustle and bustle of the city. Featuring an eclectic mix of traditional and modern, Agadir holds lure for both laid-back visitors who just want to hit the beach as well as history connoisseurs in search for gems from the city’s past.


Here are top Agadir attractions for those looking to visit this lesser known city on Morocco’s Atlantic coast:

La Médina d’Agadir

For an insight into local art, architecture, history and way of living, spend a day at La Médina d’Agadir, constituted by state-of-the-art buildings and a museum. The area was visualised and brought to life by Moroccan born, Italian architect, Coco Polizzi who wanted to reshape the previously lost Medina to devastating earthquake. The medina today is spread over 13-acres and features a living ethnological museum, bazaar and art workshops. The area is used by local craftsmen including painters and jewellers to create and showcase their art and talent. There’s an amphitheatre here as well where cultural performances can be enjoyed from time-to-time.


Lying atop a hill, the Kasbah referring to set of fortifications is an excellent example of medieval Arabic architecture. Built in 1541 and restored in 1740s, Kasbah is a brilliant reflection of the life of its dwellers, around 300 at one time. Though only the outer wall remains, the inscription on the entry – Believe in God and respect the King- is revealing of local beliefs and culture. The hike to the Kasbah is one of the best adventures you can undertake in Agadir and the journey rewards by offering mesmerising views of the city from the top.

Agadir Beach

Life in Agadir revolves around the pristine six mile long beach where sunseekers come to lounge, especially around the winter months. The crescent-shaped beach is one of the widest in country and hosts a number of luxurious hotels and resorts. Water adventures are readily available with surfing taking the top spot amongst the preferred activities. Some of the top surf spots here are Devil’s rock, Imsouane bay and Ankhor point.

Souk al-Had

Souk al-Had is the city’s preferred spot for the shopping of spices, olives, honey and dates, furniture and fabrics, crafts, fashion, household equipment and tools and a lot more. One of the biggest souks in Morocco, Souk al-Had can be visited for great bargains as well as to soak in the vibrant atmosphere of a traditional Arabic market. Stop by food stalls and taste sumptuous local cuisine or shop for a souvenir at one of the many craft shops – no matter what you do, you are guaranteed a memorable time here.

Le Musée de l’Argan

Often mistaken for museum, Le Musée de l’Argan, in fact, is a traditional ‘hammam’ offering rejuvenating massages as well as body scrubs and other treatments. The use of Argan oil dominates most wellness treatments offered at Le Musée de l’Argan and visitors are left feeling relaxed to bones.