A Quick Guide to the most Popular Annual Events in Cuba

While ‘cigarro habano’ certainly has a significant contribution in bringing Cuba to the limelight, there are a number of other charms too that draw people from all around the world to this fascinating country. There is something about Cuba that distinguishes it from the rest of the Americas. Due to its singular taste, culture and preference, Cuba has a special place in the hearts of many.

One of the best ways to explore the country’s spirit is to attend its distinctive events. Here are just three that would make a good start.

Havana’s International Ballet Festival

The Great Theatre of Havana gets action-packed with visitors from all across the globe when the posters say it is Havana’s International Ballet Festival. Held every two years since 1960, this world famous event is awaited impatiently. After all, when it is held, the best ballet performers of the world perform magic on stage! The event, considered to be the oldest and most authentic of its kind is every bit worthy of being mentioned in an ‘at least once in a lifetime’ list of ballet aficionados.

Carnival, Santiago de Cuba

Carnival by Team at Carnaval.com Studios/ CC BY

Carnival by Team at Carnaval.com Studios/ CC BY

While almost every Africa-influenced city in Cuba hosts remarkable carnivals, the one in Santiago de Cuba is sensational and doubtlessly the best of them all. The carnival features crazy street parties, concerts and a lot more. With hordes of masked revellers in long conga lines, the festival simply overwhelms one and all. Now, would you not love an event that starts exhilarating from the moment it starts? The decorated streets are marked with festivities and some of the most attractive and spirited people, dressed like exotic dolls, perform hilarious antics. Party animals should definitely not miss a chance to attend this colourful carnival.

Havana’s International Jazz Festival

If you like jazz, you will fall in love with it after you attend Havana’s International Jazz Festival. And if you already ‘love’ jazz, you should be making plans to book tickets for the next event. Is your visit for Havana scheduled for December? Well, if the dates between 15 and 23rd are the part of your itinerary, you will catch it easily. Havana’s International Jazz Festival is all about, well “it’s all about jazz”.