Colonial v/s Contemporary – Must Visit Architectural Lures in Mumbai

One of the fastest growing cities in India, Mumbai casts a spell over millions of travellers who visit the metropolis for various reasons. Featuring a striking contrast between old and new, swanky and shabby, serenity and chaos; the city exudes a unique enigmatic appeal hard to find anywhere else in the world. Whether you visit for business or leisure, make sure that you include a tour of the beautiful architectural monuments dotting the city in your itinerary. Many of these structures were built in the colonial period, by the British and the Portuguese. Several buildings strongly represent a contemporary architectural style. Here, take a short trip down Mumbai’s memory lane!

Gateway of India

Gateway-of-IndiaSpeaking of monuments, the “Gateway of India” remains one of the most prominent landmarks in Mumbai. An incredible example of the Indo-Saracenic architectural style, the monument was built to honour the visit of King George V and Queen Mary to the city during the days of the “Raj”. Located majestically on the coast of the Arabian Sea, the structure boasts four beautifully adorned minarets. This brilliant architectural marvel is the key getaway to the Elephanta Caves. An interesting slice of history here; the last of the British troops passed through the Gateway of India on their way out of India, thus symbolising the country’s independence.

Taj Mahal Palace Hotel

taj-hotel“The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel” is a prominent example of contemporary architectural style. The hotel has long been the favourite pick of well heeled guests looking for ultimate luxury and comfort during their stay in Mumbai.  Besides boasting a highly opulent charisma, the hotel catches the eye with its intriguing architecture. With elaborate arches, stairways and domes, the hotel looks like a palace.

Mumbai University

Mumbai is often called the “Miami of India” as many of the structures here display an art-deco style of architecture. Culture-vultures sniffing around for this genre would do well to snoop down upon Mumbai University, which is perhaps the most dazzling example of this particular style of architecture. Especially, eye catching is the elaborately carved Rajabai Clock Tower. It was modelled on London’s Big Ben clock tower.