Three Interesting Venues to Visit in the Central Part of Delhi, India

Delhi, India is a fantastic holiday destination, given the large variety of sightseeing and other offerings of the place. A number of people who plan India holidays make it a point to include a few days trip to the wonderful capital of the country. While everyone who is booking flights to the city is somewhat aware of the major charms of the place, there are certain venues and spots that are usually left unchecked while on holidays here. The central part of Delhi is one such area that is generally skipped over considering it mostly boasts high-security bungalows of bureaucrats and the political class. But there are certain spots that must be paid a visit to in case it is a comprehensive tour of the city that’s sought post the booking of flights.


Talkatora Gardens

It is a lush park right beside the President’s House in the very middle of the city. Not many tourists are seen entering the premises of this beautiful green park that also boasts of various historical remnants. But those who indeed make a visit here will find it an apt place to spend a quiet evening. There is a separate playground for kids with swings and slides, which make it even more engaging for families who are on a detailed tour of the city.

Gyarah Murti

Gyarah Murti (11 Statues) is a fantastic place that cannot be termed any less popular than any other top attraction of Delhi. It is just that it is often over-looked by tourists as it located right at corner of a busy intersection. Those who take the trouble of parking their vehicles will find it an incredible remnant of India’s independence movement. It is a depiction of Mahatma Gandhi’s famous Dandi March and is sure to impress the history lovers who board flights to Delhi.

Indira Gandhi Memorial Museum

Indira Gandhi Memorial Museum is not very far off from Gyarah Murti. In fact, a single road connects the both. So it makes all the sense in the world to pay a visit to the venue. It was the residence of the former Prime Minister of India and was later converted into a museum. People who are aware of Indian history will know that the Nehru-Gandhi family has played a very prominent role in Indian politics. It sure is a fine place to visit if one seeks to understand the country’s complicated political legacy after boarding flights to the city.