Enchanting Hill Stations in the Lap of the Western Ghats, India

The mighty Western Ghats in India packs in an array of natural wonders, including many picturesque hill stations that offer a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. With summers round the corner, many of you would probably want to plan a trip to these places. Well, here’s our pick of some of the best of such hill getaways in the Western Ghats.


ootyOoty, a picturesque hill station in the Nilgiri Mountains, exudes a cool, pristine aura. This peaceful destination is surrounded by lofty hills, covered with tea plantations and lush forests. Numerous trekking trails through lush tracts of wilderness make it a heaven for adventure freaks, especially trekking enthusiasts. Furthermore, the cycling trails along the forested roads and lush tea and coffee estates provide a refreshing break from the madness of city life. This charming hill station also boasts beautiful lakes, gardens, and viewpoints.


munnarThis peaceful hill town, located in Kerala’s Idukki District, is perfect for holidaymakers craving serenity in the lap of the nature. Its captivating tea plantations, romantic viewpoints, lovely lakes and waterfalls, and interesting floral life promise a memorable holiday experience. Wildlife enthusiasts are in for a treat as Munnar is near Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary and Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary, a couple of famous wildlife sanctuaries in Kerala.


This hilly hamlet is a hidden gem compared to its more famous neighbour, Munnar. The fresh air and untamed wilderness of Vythiri is the perfect antidote for the ones suffering from the chaos of city life. Take in the breathtaking views of the Karalad Lake, which is also a great place for angling and boating. For bird watching and kayaking, head to Pookat Lake. A freshwater aquarium and spice emporium near Pookat Lake are other attractions here. The ones who are up for an adventure may trek to the hills of the Vythiri region or go on wildlife tours to the nearby Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary.


This small hill station in Tamil Nadu is packed full of attractions and remains one of the most popular of tourist destination in South India. Enjoy spectacular views of the mist-clad valleys, visit the nearby lakes, waterfalls and tea plantations, or go on arduous treks – you have plenty of things to do and see here. The cool climate of Kodaikanal makes it a perfect choice for romantic couples and families alike. Some not-to-be-missed attractions here include Kodaikanal Lake, Bryant Park, Bear Shola Falls, the infamous Guna Caves, and Coaker’s Walk.