Get an Overview of Skiing in Auli – the Ski Capital of India


When it comes to skiing in India, Auli is an inevitable name in the lists of adrenaline junkies. Pearly white bed of snow, majesty of oak trees and an undefined captivation collectively make up the first impression of Auli, the skiing capital of India. There are only a few ski areas in India that feature world class cable car systems and gondola rides; and Auli tops this list. Planning to experience the magnificence of this heaven? Read on to know more about this top notch ski resort in India.

Location and Accessibility

It is strategically located in the state of Uttrakhand and travellers seeking flights to reach Auli can buy tickets to disembark at Dehradun from where Auli is less than 300 kilometres. Also, travellers boarding flights to Delhi seek availability of train tickets till Haridwar. Last leg of the journey is covered by Cable Car. This ride through the irresistible beauty of the surroundings is sure to take away all of your fatigue and anxiety.

Best Time to Visit

Undoubtedly, winter is the season to plan a holiday in Auli. In India, winter season lies between November and February (starting) but here you can enjoy skiing from end of December till March. Remember to bring quality woollen clothes including caps, gloves and snowshoes. You can consider bringing your own skiing gear but majority of travellers keep their baggage light as quality gear is available on rent at the resort.

Ski Training

If you are novice, don’t shy away from grabbing tickets to visit Auli as you can enrol with a 7-day or 14-day course to hone your skiing skills under the supervision of experts. Those looking for a certification should opt for 14-day course which offer only 15 seats.

Major Attractions

Skiing, certainly, is the top attraction in Auli. Ski lovers netting tickets to admire the snowy facade of India must consider adding this resort to their itineraries. Besides skiing, trekking is also emerging as a popular activity here. Another highlight of this area is Artificial Lake, which is the highest manmade lake in the world.