Dining in Goa – Beachside Restaurants in the Region

Tickets to IndiaIndia is a country with several communities and each of those communities has its own cuisine and style of preparation. The northern part of India’s Mughlai cuisine stands in stark contrast from that of South. Punjab’s lavish spread usually makes use of liberal doses of ghee and butter while Gujarati are more into the sweetness of it. West Bengal’s fish preparations are perhaps its biggest offering even as Rajasthan’s staple has nothing to do with seafood. Just like Indian geography and its many dialects, Indian food too is highly diversified, allowing tourists to discover a wealth of tastes on their trip to India.

Goa isn’t different from the rest of India and flaunts its very own cuisine and a distinct preparation style. Those booking air tickets to Goa would definitely feel so. Vindaloo, xacuti and cafreal are among the most loved dishes by locals in the smallest state of India. Also, fish curry and rice has to be the most staple fare for the people here. Tourists who land here will find that apart from the main dishes, the side offerings are remarkable as well with chutneys, curries and pickles accentuating the eating experience in the region.

Beaches, of course, are the biggest temptations of Goa that push many leisure vacationers to consider booking tickets on flights to this Indian holiday destination. Understandably, not many vacationers are willing to let go the sides of their favourite beaches. Fortunately, Goa has a host of beach restaurants at different popular shore stretches of the area.

At Anjuna, foodies will have the option of dining at different restaurants. Sublime, Basilico, Blue Tao, Dhum Biryani and Kebabs, German Bakery and Zoori’s are some top haunts that offer tickets to the epicurean heavens of India’s coastal marvel. Calangute has several beach restaurants as well. They are Souza Lobo, Tibetan Kitchen and Waves. Down south, at Margao tourists will find a fine parade of restaurants like Venice, Bombay Café and Gaylin.

Holiday makers would surely find tickets to their flights of food fancy at the glittering shoreline of India.