Important Safety Tips for an Enjoyable Holiday in Goa


India’s beach capital, Goa is safe to travel around. No place, however, is completely crime-free. So people contemplating a holiday in the province should always exercise precaution to ensure a safe and secure holiday experience. Here are some basic yet important safety tips that holidaymakers’ buying tickets on Goa flights should pay heed to.

Carry Money in a Safe Place

The best and safest place, for a traveller, to carry cash is a money belt, well hidden from public sight. Besides, tourists can keep the money inside the socks or their coats to ensure it’s safe. It’s always advisable to carry debit and credit cards, instead of too much of hard cash. North Goa has plenty of ATMs from where travellers can withdraw money at a moment’s notice. But if you travel to the southern part of the state, make sure you carry enough cash to pay your bills; there are not so many ATMs in this part of Goa.

Don’t Leave Luggage Unattended

When in a foreign land, you cannot trust anyone to look after your luggage. So keep it with you at all times, especially at crowded places like beaches, railways stations and bus stands. While venturing out for sightseeing or any other excursion, it’s good to place your travel documents like return flight tickets, passport and visa in the hotel’s locker.

Check the Weather

People who have invested in flights for holidaying in this lively state of India should note that weather conditions in Goa change quite frequently. So it’s vital to check the climatic conditions before heading out for seaside fun in Goa. Don’t swim in the prohibited areas, especially during monsoon when waters in Goa can turn rough anytime. Sleeping on the beach at night is also illegal and may land you behind bars.

Respect Locals and their Customs

Be silent inside a place of worship or at a religious monument. Take permission if you want to take photos and if it’s prohibited, don’t argue. It’s good to talk politely and with smile on the face. Avoid being in an argument with any shopper, taxi driver or stranger.