Most Popular Streets to Take a Walk in Mumbai, India

Mumbai is India’s financial epicentre and lots of business travellers plan their holiday tour to the city keeping in mind their commercial interests. The city is even more alluring for leisure vacationers and compels them to board flights and discover its myriad cultural and historical facets. While there are lots of options and ways for people to explore these many charms, perhaps a street walk is the best choice to ensure that none of Mumbai’s main lures are left out. Of course, not everyone can negotiate the maddening traffic and crowd that this city is so famous for, but those who dare will be treated to boundless treasures. Take a look at few venues and areas where people can enjoy a street stroll and can also take in the many sightseeing gems after boarding city bound flights. It is best to wear comfortable shoes and modest clothes before venturing out.


Crawford Market is one of the most popular choices for street walkers who wish to take in the local milieu of the place after putting in money and time in procuring seats on flights to the city. The bazaar is very old and is a great option for travelers who are looking for a wide variety of items. From household stuff to vegetables, everything is available for travelers who opt for a trip to the venue.

Up north along the Sheikh Memon Street is the Mumbadevi Temple. It will be a very crowded place, filled with Hindu devotees. People who have booked air tickets on flights to Mumbai would love to see the temple that is dedicated to the goddess from whom the city is said to have derived its name.

Further north, people will able to bump into the Bhuleshwar Market, at the corner of Kalbadevi Road. The place features a string of stalls that sell a wide array of products from food items to accessories.

Yadnik Chowk is further north and is surely a place to check out the verve of Mumbai. People will find several tradesmen sitting waiting for customers.

Street tours are certainly the best ways to enjoy a fulfilling holiday in Mumbai, India, and people can opt for the same.