A Brief Guide to Popular Museums and Art Galleries in Mumbai


Mumbai, the magical city of the Indian Subcontinent is packed with a wide array of appealing lures that pleasantly surprise its every visitor. However, what adds to the popularity of tickets aboard flights bound for the metropolis is the impressive parade of thought-provoking museums and galleries. Let’s take a quick trip of some of the renowned museums and galleries that promise a wonderful holiday to the culture enthusiasts who spend money on Mumbai flights.

National Gallery of Modern Art

One of the compelling stops for culturally inclined tourists arriving on flights at Mumbai, National Gallery of Modern Art offers an opportunity to feast eyes on a diverse range of art-pieces. From the fantastic paintings of Pablo Picasso to incredible mummy statues from Egypt – here you’ll find some of the aesthetic masterpieces. Moreover, the repository boasts miniature works and artworks by Rabindra Nath Tagore, Amrita Sher-Gil as well as Thomas Daniell.

Nehru Planetarium

Outstandingly designed, Nehru Planetarium is the iconic architectural example in Mumbai. With its panoply of lures for those having an interest in astronomy as well as cosmic world the planetarium shines bright on the travel plan of many holidaymakers who reserve seats on flights to this city. Visitors get a chance to witness the impressive models of tram coaches, steam lorry, railway engines and many other engaging displays.

Prince of Wales Museum

Located at Kala Ghodha, Prince of Wales Museum is another attention grabber that demands a visit. Many holidaymakers disembarking flights at Mumbai often head to this place to go back to the bygone era when Mumbai was born. The manifestation of wonderful sculptures from the very famous Elephanta Cave as well as miniature artistic pieces made on papers, fabrics and metals actually leave visitors gloating over the decision of booking seats aboard Mumbai flights.

Jehangir Art Gallery

Another majestic structure, standing proudly at the heart of Mumbai, the Jehangir Art Gallery conducts various exhibitions of artistic works done by renowned contemporary Indian artists. Inaugurated in mid 90’s, this place is a meeting point for artists and art lovers. Most culture vultures boarding Mumbai flights head to this gallery for exploring its astounding collection of artwork.