Two of the Most Innovative Attractions in Asia


Asia is a perfect holiday destination that encompasses everything from stunning scenery, vibrant city life and delectable cuisine to low cost-of-living, a matchless string of captivating attractions and an intriguing collection of cultures which trigger the sale of air tickets on flights arriving here. This marvellous area of the world is even crammed full of many innovative attractions including Science Centres and Planetariums that leave visitors spellbound. Here’s a quick look at two of the most preferred choices that set travellers on a mad quest to net flights tickets to Asia.

Science Centre, Singapore

One of the most popular innovative attractions in the entire Asia is Science Centre in Singapore. A prominent educational centre is quite renowned for promoting creative learning and interest in science and technology. This attraction successfully transforms science into an inspiring and energizing experience for the global visitors. Many unique and educational conferences, exhibitions, seminars and shows are organized that are entirely focused on capturing the development of scientific evolutions and put-in continues efforts to push up youth and foster new generations in the entire globe. The property features over 14 huge galleries that are based on subjects like mathematics, science and technology. Kinetic Garden, Eco Garden and Waterworks exhibition are some other famous attractions in the centre.

Science City, India

Science lovers craving to plunge themselves into an all new world on innovation and creativity must not forget to add Science City in their travel itineraries while reserving air tickets on flights scheduled for India. Situated in the beautiful city of Kolkata, Science City is the largest science centre in the sub-continent consisting of two major facilities; the Science Centre and the Convention Centre. The striking attractions including Space Odyssey, Evolution Theme Park, Dynamotion, Maritime Centre and a Science Park catch the fancy of every visitor. The Dynamotion Hall boasts a Butterfly Corner, Aquaria and different interactive exhibits on science and technology that not only entertain the visitors but even enhances their knowledge. Further, the Space Odyssey features India’s first Large Format Film Theatre, 3-D Vision Theatre, Mirror Magic, etc. that give detailed knowledge on earth and its formation.