Winter Fun in New Delhi, India

Many people in the UK have a notion that Delhi is a very hot place and they are not wrong, as the mercury does rise drastically during the summer months. But many overlook the fact that during winters, the temperature can dip remarkably low, resulting in cold and dry weather. However, winter

delhi winter

is welcomed in India with great enthusiasm. If you are thinking of visiting Delhi in this season, here are some of the things Delhi has to offer, that you can do to beat the chill while having fun.

Eating Hot Momos

While it is not clear how or when Momos became an integral part of Delhi’s fast-food cuisine, most the people are thankful that it is available in the streets of Delhi. Traditionally Momos are steamed or fried dumplings served with a tangy spicy chilli sauce, making it a perfect comfort food during


winters. They were said to have been brought by the Buddhist monks. For traditional Momos, we’d recommend you to go to “Majnu ka Teela” situated in the northern part of Delhi.
Tip: You should definitely try the improvised “tandoori momos” that suit the palettes of the locals, at Satya Niketan market near the South Campus of Delhi University.

Fun and Frolic by a Bonfire

The joy of sitting together for a bonfire-session on the terrace, porch or garden is slowly fading away with time. In the age of central heating systems and radiators, people in a metropolitan city rarely engage in the tradition of bonfire parties which involves singing, storytelling, dancing, eating and a lot of party games. Luckily, Delhi is among the few cities where this culture is still alive and people often host bonfire and barbecue parties. You can ask locals as well as various expatriate groups about getting an invite to bonfire parties.
Tip: You can host your own party at an open space; all you need are some friends, a bonfire and good food.

Going on Picnics

If you are planning to go sightseeing with your family, remember to pack a picnic basket, as most of the heritage sites have an open area where you can relax and picnic with your family. The best part is, unlike some countries where you have to buy tickets to reserve picnic sites, several monuments in Delhi, such as the Hauz Khas complex and Lodhi gardens are free for the public.
Tip: If you are travelling alone, you should definitely spend a day out in the lawns, basking in the warm and pleasant sunshine with a book and some munchies.