Getting around Maldives – Tips for First-time travellers

When before booking tickets for a holiday destination, it’s better to find out about small things such as the accommodation options, weather, local cultures and the different modes of transport available there.


The best way to get to a place from another in Maldives is by walking. Malé, the capital city of Maldives is just about a square mile in area and all of the landmarks are in walking distance from one another. But if you would like to go for island hopping, Yacht is the best option as it is faster and easier than the ferry or the local boat (known as “dhoni”) and is easier for navigation.  Here are the best modes of transport that you can choose in your holiday to Maldives.


If you can spend a generous amount of money, then this is the best mode of transport you’ll get when travelling from one island in the archipelago to the other.


Yachts can easily glide through the isolated reefs and the remote islands.  Various resorts in the islands have their private docks for the convenience of the travellers arriving and leaving through the yachts. As visiting the non-resort islands is prohibited by the government of Maldives, it is important to see where you are choosing to anchor. We would recommend you to travel with a licensed tour guide/operator as they will have proper licence and will know the rules and regulations. Also, if you are lucky, they can even take you to the islands that are usually off limits to the tourists,


Although the local ferry network is confined to some major places, it is the best option for cruises and if you want to experience the traditional and cultural aspects of the Maldives. Their network is limited to the four routes with specific schedules and can be checked on their government’s transit website.


In Malé, you will be able to see some motorbikes, making their way through the narrow lanes and crowded streets. However, for safety reasons, we’d advise you not to rent one unless you are an expert rider. Moreover, since all landmarks are roughly a fifteen minute walk away, there is hardly any use for motorbikes.


There are several taxis in Malé which are useful is you are carrying too much luggage or if you’re stuck in a thunderstorm. You can both call for the taxi services or hail a taxi on the streets. Luggage costs extra if it is more than a certain amount.