Liveaboard Trips and More from the Maldives

A liveaboard trip is a lovely way to spice up your holidays in the Maldives and many visitors are waking up to the charm of booking such trips around the archipelago. Simply put, liveaboard trips are mini cruises, which take guests on an island-hopping spree and offer a first rate diving experience. This way, one gets to enjoy almost all the facets of this delightful island nation.

Popular Liveaboard Trip Routes

Popular routes for liveaboard trips lie along the colourful atolls surrounding the capital city of Malé, with the Ari atoll being a pretty famous one. A couple of other popular trips are to the Rasdhoo Atoll and Baa Atoll. Travellers looking for long distance liveaboard trips may sign up for a voyage to the recently formed Huvadhoo atoll to the far South or the Haa-Alifu atoll to the far North of the island.

Best Time to Go….

maldivesThe best time to enjoy liveaboard trips in the Maldives is between November and April as the weather is quite pleasant. The prices are high during this period but one also gets to enjoy various other delightful activities.

Top Dive and Snorkel Spots

  • Kudarah Thila (South Ari Atoll) and 5 Rocks for watching incredible coral formations and unique species of fish
  • Cocoa Corner (South Malé Atoll) and Guraidhoo Kandu for exciting drifts and watching sharks and rays
  • Fotteyo (Felidhoo Atoll) and Dhiga Thila for colourful soft corals and near-vertical drop-off diving
  • Madhivaaru Rangali (Ari Atoll) and Lankan Caves (North Malé) for snorkelling

Other Sights and Sounds….

maldivessBesides a celebrated diving, surfing and snorkelling scene, the Maldives has many other charms. The capital city of Malé alone spoils one for choice with wonderful attractions such as Sultan’s Park, Grand Friday Mosque, Fish Market, National Museum and the Graveyard. The ones looking for more adventurous pursuits may try out canoeing and wakeboarding.