Alluring Places In Islamabad Where Tourists Flock from Around the Globe

Islamabad is a beautiful city in Pakistan widely known for its natural beauty. While the rolling mountains and wildlife make for enchanting distractions, a rich history and cultural heritage does its bit to add that extra zing. Tourists reserving flights to Islamabad may definitely look forward to a lovely eclectic holiday experience. Each year, visitors book flights from around the globe to soak in the peaceful atmosphere and explore the various attractions of Islamabad.

Shah Faisal Masjid

Shah-Faisal-MasjidDiscover the beauty and majesty of the white marbled Shah Faisal Masjid. Located against the backdrop of the picturesque Margalla Hills, this beautiful mosque has been designed by Turkish architect Vedat Dalokay. It was built in the memory of King Faisal. The minarets and overall structure of the Shah Faisal Masjid, along with the mosaics and a spectacular chandelier further add to its grandeur.


 Daman-e-Koh by Farhan Chawla/ CC BY

Daman-e-Koh by Farhan Chawla/ CC BY

You will get a marvellous view of Islamabad at the scenic Daman-e-Koh, which is located on the Margalla Hills.  Ample of scope for hiking in the verdant forests treat visitors to a rich slice of nature. Peer Sohawa is a popular spot for visitors here, complete with good picnic spots, great eateries, snack bars, and fine restaurants.

Margalla Hills

 Margalla Hills by Kamran HashmiCC BY

Margalla Hills by Kamran HashmiCC BY

Come to Margalla if you are game for some nature walks and serious hiking. In fact, be it walking or driving, and cycling or camping – there is no dearth of activities one may indulge in. Especially, the breath-taking and lush green hillsoffer plenty of opportunities for hiking. The number of walks offered to tourists range from half day to full day itineraries. The bar-be-que and other fare at the popular “The Khokha” restaurant  is yet another irresistible charmer here.

Islamabad Zoo

Islamabad Zoo offers excellent options for wildlife enthusiasts as well as educative recreation for people of all age brackets, especially children. Also known as Marghazar Zoo, the Islamabad Zoo was started in 1978 as a sanctuary for Indian gazelles, spotted deers and leopards found in the region.The zoo houses around 600 different types of animals and is a thrilling place for young people as they witness wildlife from close quarters.