The Surreal and the Subtle Offerings of Pakistan-A Day in Islamabad

What could be a better way to witness the true charm of a country than to alight from flights right at its capital city? Islamabad does justice to Pakistan by offering tourists an authentic and quintessentially Pakistani experience. For those who wish to spend a day exploring the exquisite and the esoteric wonders of Islamabad, this guide is sure to come handy.

Waking up to the Muezzin’s Call is Truly Divine 

If you have booked tickets to spend a day in Islamabad, then the muezzin’s call from the largest mosque in Pakistan, the Faisal Mosque, is bound to offer a soothing acknowledgement of your visit to the incredible country. The melodious rendition implores travellers to start their explorations as a new dawn settles in.

Faisal Mosque

Faisal Mosque

A Fresh Morning Calls for Some Fresh Air and a Hearty Breakfast!

Gear up all the morning energy and head on to the lush landscapes of the Margalla Hills. Enjoy breathtaking views from the gardens of Daman-e-Koh, a famous viewpoint tucked atop the hills. And the strolling and trekking has fuel your hunger pangs, you can surely dive into some delicious offerings of the Pir Sohawa, a resort which also houses one of the most picturesque restaurants in Pakistan.

Time for Some Dedicated Sightseeing

Avid travellers are not only good at netting the best deals on flights tickets; they are also good at indulging in immersive travel. And one cannot fully immerse oneself in a place without witnessing its culture, artistry and heritage. Head on with gusto to the Lok Virsa Museum, an institution that exhibits the creative and crafty side of Pakistan with its multifarious visual delights.


Witness the Contrast of the Past and the Present

Located close to the popular Shakarparian Hills, the Pakistan Monument resembles both the glory of the nation and the nuances of a colonial past. After feasting your eyes on the brilliant architecture, you may head towards the Saidpur Village, which stands in stark contrast of the yesteryears with its modernist renovations and classy venues.

A Serene Evening is always a Memorable One

Hop on a boat and let the tranquillity of the Rawal Lake calm your senses before you board your return flights and bid a fond goodbye to Islamabad.