Best Night-Out Haunts for those Buying Flight Tickets to Colombo

Colombo is a beautiful city of diverse attractions ranging from beaches to monuments and museums to green gardens. The capital city of Sri Lanka also takes the crown when it comes to cosmopolitan shopping and exuberant night-life. Its many popular night clubs compel tourists from across the globe to seek flight tickets to Colombo all year-round. This city re-defines the glamour of night-life and comes across as a destination with no upper limit for light & sound. Tourists who book flights to Colombo can indulge themselves at the numerous clubs and bars in the city.


Listed below are 3 great places to visit for those who reserve tickets to Colombo to have a memorable night out:

Mawby’s Clillout Club

The latest addition to the city’s ever-growing pub culture, Mawby’s draws cheers from all its visitors. The name itself is pretty interesting and so is the design and ambience of this chilled out pub. Additionally, tourists reserving air tickets to Colombo will remember this place for its large screen where they can come view some of the greatest musicians and artistes live in concert.

Zanzi Bar

It is another up market bar in Colombo that caters to whatever the night-owls might desire. On the lower floor of this swanky joint is the ‘Glow Bar’ where awe-inspiring live bands and popular DJs create a memorable musical experience for all the pub’s patrons. For those who are into drinks and dancing, the Zanki Bar looks too inviting to resist after booking flight tickets to Colombo.

The Hut

A great place to visit for music buffs, the Hut offers an ultimate atmosphere of sophistication and the perfect mix of different genres of music. Here, one can enjoy both live band shows and disco hits. With a range of snacks and cosy booths on offer, it is an ideal place for those who want a relaxing and enjoyable night-out. A considerable number of tourists who book tickets to Colombo for a fun-filled holiday make a beeline for ‘the Hut’.