Top 3 Luxury Hotels in Sri Lanka Creating a Sense of Opulence for Sybarites


With its breathtaking natural attractions, rich culture and enigmatic mythological enchantments, Sri Lanka never ceases to charm its guests. Hospitality is another highlight which entices travellers to board flights to this tear-drop nation. And when it comes to luxury accommodation, there is no dearth of choices. While there is a long list of luxury hotels and resorts in Sri Lanka, there are few that always sit at the top. Let’s check three popular ones!

Ceylon Tea Trails

Often considered to be the first tea bungalow resort in the world, Ceylon Tea Trails is a spectacular property rested at an altitude of 1250 metres in the breathtaking Ceylon tea region of Sri Lanka.  The hotel features four bungalows that are connected by walking trails through gorgeous Ceylon tea Gardens. Each bungalow is unique in its own way. A conventional day of the guest starts with a hot bed tea served by the butler. After you are awake and ready for the meal, the chef suggests you the dishes prepared with freshest ingredients and home grown vegetables and herbs.  Western or typical Sri Lankan, the food is always great in this hotel. Do not forget to try the afternoon cream tea; they say it is worth missing your flight!


Situated in the port of Galle, Amangalla is a perfect accommodation for any luxury traveller who is booking tickets on flights to Sri Lanka to visit this part of the country. The hotel is within the walls of the 17th-century Galle Fort which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Accommodation options here have been categorized into five parts – individual bedrooms, Chambers, the Garden House, normal Suites and finally, Amangalla Suite. The suites, with a colonial style décor and meticulous perfection, are packed with top-rated modern amenities and facilities. High quality materials have been used for all the rooms. For example, the floorboards that grace the rooms are of Burma teak, looking pristine for more than 300 years. Apart from the luxurious rooms, the hotel offers excellent food with warm service.

Reef Villa & Spa

Majestic Indian Ocean in the backdrop, golden sandy beaches, lush tropical garden and a large swimming pool – these are just few of the many charms that keep the guests fascinated at the Reef. Reef Villa & Spa is located in the seaside hamlet of Wadduwa and ranks high among luxury travellers as well as romantic couples. Honeymooners who are booking air tickets to visit this part of Sri Lanka should definitely stay at this property to make this trip the most memorable one. The suites are palatial, the food is heavenly and the service… well, experience it yourself!