Top 5 Trekking Destinations in Sri Lanka

Boasting of alluring wilderness, Sri Lanka is a popular tourist destination in South-east Asia inviting adventure seekers from far and wide. From easy walks to more intense treks, there are plenty of hiking trails ensuring all sorts of trekking experiences to the travellers.

Trekking Destinations

Take a look at top five trekking destinations of Sri Lanka avid hikers should not miss exploring:

Ella Rock

A lovely, intimate town with a stunning countryside, Ella is a nature lover’s delight. Ella Rock, the highest cliff in the village, offers breathtaking views of the lush green meadows and tea plantations and is one of the best hikes in Sri Lanka. It is a day hike from the town in the highlands about 1000 metres above sea level that begins and ends at the Ella Railway Station. Surely, this beautiful hiking trail presents an incredible adventure experience.

Adam’s Peak

Lying 2243 metre above sea level, Adam’s Peak is the most popular hiking trail in Sri Lanka, visited by millions of tourists every year. Also famed as Butterfly Mountain or Samanala Kanda, this place is not just a natural landmark but has been a sacred place for more than 1000 years now. The trek begins from the far end of Dalhousie Village and hikers have to climb 5,200 odd stone stairs to reach the peak of the mountain. The mesmerising views of the rolling hills and tea plantations are treats to the hikers! You can start the trek in the night so you reach the top by early morning and can enjoy the stunning sunrise.

Hortons Plain National Park

Covered by montane grassland and cloud forest, Hortons Plain National Park is an area situated around 2000 metres above sea level in the Sri Lankan Highlands. The major draw of the plateau is that it comes to an abrupt end at the World’s End, a steep 800 metre fall overlooking the countryside. Be it the short one hour trails or the longer ones spanning the entire plateau, there are a number of options for trekkers on Horton Plain. An ideal combination of misty lakes, breezy grasslands and fresh waterfalls fills your trek with many exciting experiences.


Situated in the neighbourhood of Sigiriya, Pidurangala is a massive rock formation offering astounding hiking opportunities for travellers. The panoramic sight of the Sigiriya Fortress and a 360 degree view of the valley around are a treat for the sore eyes. It is advised to embark on your trekking journey at dawn and reach the top before the sunrise and start your day with a delicious breakfast at a perfect picnic spot on the top of the rock.

Knuckles Range

Situated in the Central Highlands between the regions of Matale and Kandy, Knuckles Range is an amazing adventure spot in Sri Lanka. Abundant with a variety of waterfalls, vegetation and villages, the range ensures a thrilling trekking experience for visitors. Be it a one-day trek to one of the lowest peaks or a three-day two-night expedition to Meemure, there are a number of hiking options for all sorts of trekkers here.