Dubai for Beach Bums: Dubai’s Best Public Beaches

Dubai is better known for its awe-inspiring man-made attractions such as glittering malls, amazing theme parks, bustling souks, and Burj Khalifa; the tallest building in the world.


However, the ‘City of Gold’ also boasts of numerous white sandy beaches that are perfect for picnics, playing games, and enjoying waters sports. Many of these amazing beaches are part of resorts and are accessible only to the resort guests. However, Dubai has some great public beaches that can be visited for free or for a small fee. Read on to know more about these public beaches.

Jumeirah Bach Residence (JBR)

The JBR Beach is a popular beach among locals and tourists alike. The JBR beach is located beside the Jumeirah Beach Resort and is a free to use public beach, with clean facilities, showers, and beachfront restaurants. This beach, which is filled with people particularly on weekends, is the site of many popular events.

Kitesurfing Beach

Don’t forget to visit the Kitesurfing Beach in Dubai to see numerous kite surfers in action. This sporty beach is also a popular spot for soccer, volleyball, and kayaking. Also, known as the Woollongong Beach as it is close to the University of Wollongong, the beach is perfect for long walks. However, it has no facilities; so bring your own stuff.

Mamzer Beach Park

The Mamzer or Mamzar Beach Park is a huge picturesque beach. The Mamzer Park has five beaches in coves along the coastline of the park. These beaches have sheltered areas with public utilities such as changing rooms and showers. Sun loungers and umbrellas are available on rent. The area around the beach also has stores and cafes.

4×4 Beach

The 4X4 Beach is another popular public beach. It is located close to the Jumeirah Beach Park and has earned this quirky name because it is a popular spot for drivers to stop and enjoy stunning ocean and bay views.

Jumeirah Open Beach

Visit the Jumeirah Open Beach, which was earlier popular as the Russian Beach. This huge public beach is a great place to enjoy a quick swim or even bathe for hours! The beach is large and includes a 1.8km running track. Facilities include showers, public toilets, and round-the-clock shops.

Bu Qtair Beach

Explore this small and charming peninsular beach known as the Bu Qtair Beach. The beach is popular and has been named after a famous fresh seafood eating joint, the Bu Qtair. You can easily spend an entire day here.