Top Attractions in Stunning Al Ain, UAE

Located just one and a half hour from Abu Dhabi, Al Ain waits to enchant you at every step. Reputed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it promises numerous picturesque vistas of natural beauty, wildlife and forts.


One of the oldest permanently colonised settlements in the world, this mesmerising place will fill your heart with delight. So, come and explore the best of Al Ain.

Al Ain Zoo

Visit Al Ain Zoo to capture alluring moments with wildlife. From endemic mammals like Oryx and Arabian antelope to African gazelles and big cats such as tigers, pumas and lions, the zoo is popular as a home to a range of animals. Established in 1969, the zoo is an interesting place to explore.

Sheikh Zayed Palace Museum

The former home of UAE’s first president, Sheikh Zayed Palace Museum reveals the richness of history and culture. Meticulously restored, the palace reflects the style and essence of the place from the time when Sheikh Zayed lived there. Visit to get an idea of the life of the Sheikh.

Al Jahili Fort

Al Jahili Fort is a popular attraction, especially amongst history buffs. The fascinating fortress was built in the 1890s for the UAE’s founder, Sheikh Zayed. It was further expanded by the British in the 1950s. Come to marvel at the grandeur and royal appeal of the fort. Also, don’t miss to peek into the exhibition of photographs. The beautiful moments were captured by British explorer Sir Wilfred Thesiger in the 1940s.

Al Ain National Museum

Come here for a glimpse into the everyday life of the UAE’s people at the ethnographic section. From traditional clothes and musical instruments to Bedouin jewellery, Al Ain National Museum exhibits it all. The Grand Hili Tomb and finely restored traditional majlis are very popular here. You will get to know a lot about the ancient past of Al Ain. It is worth mentioning that the museum has a large collection pertaining to the ruling family of Sheikh Zayed.