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Top 3 Things to Do For Families with Kids in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is a place for all – be it those who have culture and religion on their minds or the ones who seek a luxury trip after spending on flights or the families who wish to treat the younger members with a flurry of enriching activities and avenues. While a lot has been written about Abu Dhabi’s cultural wealth and lavish hotels, a precious little can be found that deals with kid-friendly attractions of the city. Here is a quick attempt on the latter.


HiliFunCity: Al Ain is home to HiliFunCity, one of the best places to spend a day of fun and frolics with family in the UAE. It is colorful theme park that teems with a variety of rides, not only for kids but also for adults who love a bit of thrill. Daredevils are usually most enamored by the Sky Flyer, billed as the most extreme ride in HiliFunCity. Kids will perhaps be gravitated towards more subdued but no less fun options like circus train, bumper cars or the electric boats on the Crazy Marina. There is no need to worry about all the exertion and famishment as within the theme park, there are plenty of food outlets and picnic tables. Tickets for the theme park are priced reasonably. Certainly, a must visit for families who are boarding Abu Dhabi flights to have some fun.

Abu Dhabi Wildlife Center: Families would love to educate their wards something about the big cats after investing on flights. And what better place than Abu Dhabi Wildlife Center to do so! Tickets can be booked for one hour guided tour, which will allow guest to spot animals like cheetahs, tigers, lions, leopards and jaguars. Cost of tickets for children under 12 years old is almost half of that of adults.

Abu Dhabi Ice Rink: Tourists who book flights for summer adventure in the UAE and are looking to escape the heat can book tickets/passes for Abu Dhabi Ice Rink. It is not a very expensive prospect and can be termed cheap by UAE standards. Kids will love to whiz away on their blades searing the ice, having a wonderful time in the process. Parents who need some relaxation can opt to sit in an on-site cafe.

Yas Waterworld: An Ultimate Family Fun Destination in Abu Dhabi

Yas Waterworld is a huge water park packaged on the lines of a traditional amusement park and located on Yas Island close to Abu Dhabi. Those booking flights to this popular emirate may easily visit this destination as part of a day outing during their visit to Abu Dhabi. Billed as one of the largest projects ever executed, currently only Phase 1 of the project has been completed and two more phases are in the pipeline. Read on for some must know information about the Yas Waterworld and a few reasons why travellers who entry tickets to this park are left gloating about their decision to board Abu Dhabi bound flights.

The Theme and the Rides


The theme of this Waterworld is typically Emirati and it is entitled the “Legend of the Lost Pearl” with a small girl named Dana as its protagonist. As the story unfolds there are numerous rides of various intensities that are sure to give flights to the fancies of every visitor irrespective of their age. The highest level of adrenaline rush are associated with rides named Jebel Drop, Hamlool’s Drop, Liwa Loop and Bubble’s Barrel.

Apart from the really intense stuff, families with small children who book tickets aboard flights to the emirate of Abu Dhabi can also engage in fun activities at the location. The rides and activities for smaller children include Yehal, Tot’s Playground, Water Wars and Marah Fortress. These rides are popular with kids from all over the world and sure to keep both parents as well as children engaged in various gambols.

Shopping and Dining

Having memorabilia to show friends and families after disembarking flights back home is definitely the way to go and there’s ample opportunity to shop for such stuff at YAS Waterworld. Top shopping lures for Waterworld memorabilia include Tawasha Pearl Shop, Jewana Photo, Bandit Bomber Photo as well as Sultan and Sons. Additionally children arriving at Abu Dhabi onboard international flights can also enjoy a themed dining experience at this popular retreat. Top dining choices that are perfect for families visiting the location include Dana’s Diner, Yas Berry, Chubby’s Kitchen, Salma’s Snack Shack and Dhabi’s Ice Cream. Considering the numerous goodies on offer, it is not hard to understand why tickets to this amusement park seem cheap to anyone who takes a day trip after arriving in Abu Dhabi on long-haul flights.

Top Three Must-See Attractions in Abu Dhabi

UAE’s colourful capital city of Abu Dhabi is one of the most popular holiday destinations across the globe. The emirate packs in a brilliant salmagundi of surprises lurking at every possible nook and cranny to delight sightseers on flights to the country. Let’s take a quick tour of just three popular attractions that go a long way in making one’s Abu Dhabi holidays a memorable affair.


Emirates Palace

Emirates Palace is Abu Dhabi’s answer to Dubai’s Burj Al Arab! The Emirates Palace ranks amongst Abu Dhabi’s premier attractions and is located just outside the city on its own white sand beach. The domed, sand-coloured palace is flanked by verdant gardens, water fountains and sparkling pools that further accentuate its grandness. Given its soaring reputation, sybarites booking tickets on flights to the emirate make sure to stay here for a couple of days. But visitors who don’t want to splurge on a room can experience the property over a couple of drinks at one of the many bars or a rejuvenating treatment at the Anantara Spa.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque

Offering the true flavours of Islam, the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is yet another star attraction that tempts visitors from all over the globe and makes them dig for airlines that offer tickets on cheap flights to Abu Dhabi. Dubbed as the largest mosque in the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Zayed Mosque has four 350-foot minarets, 82 white marble domes and the world’s largest hand-knotted carpet. Sprawling to around 22,412 square metres, this landmark is fine example of Islamic architectural marvel and has been built with about 30 different types of marble brought from different parts of the world.

Heritage Village

Heritage village is perhaps one of the best places in the UAE to get an insight into the traditional Bedouin lifestyle, traditions and cultures in the pre-oil era. Visitors can peep into the lifestyle of the people of pre-oil era, mud-brick houses, old fishing villages and souks. Culture vultures booking tickets on international flights to explore UAE’s chequered past must do well to visit the mini-museum at the complex that features artefacts such as diving tools, jewellery, weapons and coffee pots to add glittering stars to their Abu Dhabi holiday experience.


Catch a Glimpse of Abu Dhabi’s Cultural Lures!

The incredible culture and heritage of Abu Dhabi is deeply rooted in Islamic customs, creating a radiating example of Islam’s warm hospitality. The combination of traditional customs and new age ethos lure tourists to look for cheap air tickets aboard flights arriving here.

Seikh Zayed Grand Mosqueabu-dhabi

Abu Dhabi’s Seikh Zayed Grand Mosque is a living example of awe-inspiring artwork. With grand architecture, fascinating design, striking sainted glasses and magnificent interiors adorned with huge chandeliers, the holy place entices hordes of tourists to board flights to Abu Dhabi. The mosque is open every day for the visitors expect Friday and offers an opportunity to shoot beautiful photographs. Being an Islamic city, locals are very particular about their customs and dress code, so tourists arriving on flights here are advised to wear proper attire and show respect to the local culture while visiting this place in Abu Dhabi.

Heritage Village

Travellers interested in the legacy and history of Abu Dhabi, get a glimpse of the emirate’s past while taking a tour to the Heritage Village! With a setting of the traditional village in oasis, the human made settlement demonstrates the reflection of the lifestyle of the Bedouin community. Maintained by the Emirates Heritage Club, the open museum boasts various features that depict the past, including goat’s hair tent, falaj irrigation system, campfire with coffee pot and many more. Travellers can ride a camel, decorate their hands with beautiful heena painting, hold a falcon, watch craftsmen making striking potteries, satisfy their taste buds with authentic Arabian foods and buy beautiful gifts made by locals – possibilities are endless!

Art lovers taking flights to the emirate of Abu Dhabi often take a tour to the Manarat al Saadiyat, one of the popular art centres in Abu Dhabi. Located in the Saadiyat district, the cultural centre features Zayed National Museum and four galleries where visitors can enjoy various exhibitions, cultural performances and theatrical productions depicting the history of the city. You do not need to buy any ticket to visit the venue. One can go through various e-books displaying on huge LCD screens, go for souvenir shopping from various gift shops located inside and taste delectable Arabian delicacies from the Fanr Restuarant before boarding flights back home.


Etihad – Top Choice for Abu Dhabi Air Tickets

Based at Abu Dhabi International Airport, Etihad Airways is the national flag carrier of United Arab Emirates. Revered as the world’s leading airline, it operates more than 1000 flights from Abu Dhabi to extensive global network across Middle East, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and North America. Etihad Airways goes the extra mile when it comes to offering ultimate in-flight experience, superb frequent flyer programme, utterly welcoming cabin crew, ground services and svelte lounges worldwide. That is why the winner of esteemed airline awards like Skytrax World Travel Awards remains a topmost choice among global travellers seeking flight tickets to connect with Abu Dhabi.

Tickets to Abu Dhabi

Superb In-flight Experience Irrespective of Class

Air travelling takes on a new meaning with Etihad Airways. Offering tickets for three varied cabin classes-Diamond First Class; Pearl Business class and Coral Economy class, the premiere carrier endeavours to ensure rewarding journey to all and sundry. Each travel class feature high-quality seats, wide-ranging in-flight entertainment and peerless onboard products.

Its Diamond First Class is a whole new world on air! A world embracing the best of luxury with extra wide bed, your own personal chef, changing room, personal wardrobe, in-built massage, personal mini-bar and much more. The lavish onboard experience is perhaps one of the prominent reasons why hordes of luxury vacationers seeking air tickets to arrive in Abu Dhabi choose Etihad Airways.

Etihad’s Pearl Business Class has everything what business travellers seek during their Abu Dhabi flights. There is a privacy shell with full flat bed; ‘Kitchen Anytime’ options; five-star dining with fine wines; in-seat power sockets; lavish comforters and pillows and mood lighting to ease jet lag.

Coral Economy Class offered by Etihad Airways bears witness to the fact that some of the great things in life don’t come with huge price tag. Budget travellers grabbing tickets for Etihad’s flights for the emirate of Abu Dhabi can take advantage of its ergonomically designed seats, generous meals and an array of other in-flights features.

Popular Airlines for Air Tickets to Abu Dhabi from Heathrow

Abu Dhabi, a leading winter destination in the Middle East, features one of the most well-connected international airports in the UAE. There are many full service carriers that operate regular direct/indirect flights to Abu Dhabi International Airport from London Heathrow, the busiest airport of the UK. Following are the popular airlines among travellers seeking air tickets to Abu Dhabi from Heathrow airport.

Air Tickets to Abu Dhabi

Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways, the national airline of the UAE, is an Abu Dhabi based carrier, hence a popular choice among Britons seeking cheap flights to the emirate. The carrier operates regular flights to leading destinations in Europe including the UK from its hub at the Abu Dhabi International Airport. Those purchasing tickets with Etihad are ensured of impeccable hospitality, the finest food/beverages as well as a pleasurable and memorable flight experience. The airline’s frequent flyer programme, Etihad Guest, is available to its patrons round the world and its E-Box in-flight entertainment system is among the best in the aviation industry.

British Airways

Britons seeking air tickets to any destination in the world have always shown a preference for flying with British Airways, UK’s flag carrier. Currently the airline operates numerous regular flights to Abu Dhabi international airport from key UK airports including London Heathrow, which functions as the airline’s hub airport. One of the founding members of the oneworld alliance, the airline’s celebrated Executive Club frequent flyer programme is favoured by its patrons globally and its luxurious lounges at key airports globally are popular among international travellers.

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways, the flag carrier of the State of Qatar, is among the most famous carriers in the middle-east and one of leading choices among those seeking air tickets to Abu Dhabi from London Heathrow Airport. The airline, rated by Skytrax as a five star airline, conducts global operations from its hub at Doha International Airport in Qatar. Those flying with the airline can benefit from its popular Qatar Airways Privilege Club loyalty programme and enrolled members with a higher tier can avail the various benefits provided by the Qatar Airways Premium Lounge.