Top 3 Things to Do For Families with Kids in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is a place for all – be it those who have culture and religion on their minds or the ones who seek a luxury trip after spending on flights or the families who wish to treat the younger members with a flurry of enriching activities and avenues. While a lot has been written about Abu Dhabi’s cultural wealth and lavish hotels, a precious little can be found that deals with kid-friendly attractions of the city. Here is a quick attempt on the latter.


HiliFunCity: Al Ain is home to HiliFunCity, one of the best places to spend a day of fun and frolics with family in the UAE. It is colorful theme park that teems with a variety of rides, not only for kids but also for adults who love a bit of thrill. Daredevils are usually most enamored by the Sky Flyer, billed as the most extreme ride in HiliFunCity. Kids will perhaps be gravitated towards more subdued but no less fun options like circus train, bumper cars or the electric boats on the Crazy Marina. There is no need to worry about all the exertion and famishment as within the theme park, there are plenty of food outlets and picnic tables. Tickets for the theme park are priced reasonably. Certainly, a must visit for families who are boarding Abu Dhabi flights to have some fun.

Abu Dhabi Wildlife Center: Families would love to educate their wards something about the big cats after investing on flights. And what better place than Abu Dhabi Wildlife Center to do so! Tickets can be booked for one hour guided tour, which will allow guest to spot animals like cheetahs, tigers, lions, leopards and jaguars. Cost of tickets for children under 12 years old is almost half of that of adults.

Abu Dhabi Ice Rink: Tourists who book flights for summer adventure in the UAE and are looking to escape the heat can book tickets/passes for Abu Dhabi Ice Rink. It is not a very expensive prospect and can be termed cheap by UAE standards. Kids will love to whiz away on their blades searing the ice, having a wonderful time in the process. Parents who need some relaxation can opt to sit in an on-site cafe.