South Africa’s Kruger National Park Impresses Tourists!

KrugerNational Park is to South Africa what Taj Mahal is to India – most important not only in terms of country possessions but also from the perspective of tourism. Millions of tourists, from different parts of the world, put in money to book flights tickets, hotels, and overall holiday packages for South Africa, primarily to explore the country’s rich wildlife and KrugerNational Park is the place to do so for them.


Located in the north-eastern corner of the nation, KrugerNational Park is huge and is one of the largest game reserves in Africa. It is at this national park where people get to greet the “Big 5” of African wildlife. In totality, there are around 150 species of animals and over 500 species of birds in Kruger. No wonder, people seem so desperate for affordable flights and hotel packages for South Africa! Beyond game watching, tourists can do a lot more during their trip to Kruger. Here is a very brief region-wise account of things to do in the KrugerNational Park, something that’s sure to help first-time visitors.

North Region Highlights

This is the premier place to spot hippos. A majority of them are found around the Letaba and Olifants rivers. Elephant and water buffalo are also present in this part of the park. The far north is rather isolated with dense Mopani Woodland.

Central Region Highlights

Those who are booking tickets on SA bound flights to revel in the big cat sightings, this is the zone to be in. Lion, cheetah and hyena are often sighed here. Impala, buffalo, giraffe, wildebeest and zebra are other animals that can be found here.

Southern Region Highlights

Game watchers, who book tickets and board South Africa bound flights, will find very few large cats here. White rhino, impala, kudu, giraffe and baboon are more in numbers. This part of Kruger is also home to several rare flora and trees such as Coral Tree and Lavender Fever Berry.