Add Oriental Charm with Asian Delicacies While in Dubai!

Dubai, a contemporary holiday destination, is known for flaunting an enchanting multi-cultural society. This spectacular facet of the Middle Eastern gem is enhanced by mouth-watering dishes served in sophisticated restaurants. If your taste buds are craving for specialities of Asian nations while holidaying in Dubai, you won’t find scarcity of options. Holidaymakers boarding Dubai bound flights can choose from plethora of restaurants serving delectable fare from India, China, Thailand and Japanese.



This world class restaurant is a part of the exclusive Armani Hotel. This upscale eating joint entices guests with its elegant decor, world class service, a view of Dubai fountains and of course, appetizing Japanese cuisine. The twist of traditional and modern dishes of the nation makes for an interesting dining venue for epicureans booking flights arriving in the extravagant metropolis. Besides sushi, other worth-trying specialties on their menu are Robatayaki, Raw Fish, Teppanyaki and Tempura – all well capable to give wings to your flights of fancy!!


This is another site at the third floor of world-class Armani Hotel with an ability to satiate the appetite of foodies longing for Indian cuisine after disembarking flights at Dubai. Its elite setting and calm ambience is well complemented by captivating views of Downtown Dubai. This award-wining joint is the swankiest Indian restaurant in the entire city and is an integral part of the itineraries of holidaymakers longing to taste delicious curries and exotic desserts prepared in a traditional manner. Drinks menu is highlighted by authentic teas.


For those interested in savouring a truly Thai experience, dining at the Benjarong is a must! This magnificent restaurant is a signature establishment of Dusit Thani, a luxurious hotel located at flamboyant Sheikh Zayed Road.  As you step into Benjarong, the aura and ambience transforms to royal Thai sophistication from Arabic charisma. Scrummy hot and sour soup i.e., Tom Yam Koong is just a start of a lip smacking experience which includes dishes like Kong Wang Ruammitr Benjarong, Mee Grob Chao Wang and Kong Wang Ruammitr Benjarong. Surely, a place worth enough to invest money on flights and hotel rooms in Dubai!