Want to Enjoy the Best of Dubai? Know the time to do that!

Dubai holidays mean sun, sea and shopping! And that too in excess! Hence, hordes of holidaymakers are found on a quest for air tickets to Dubai every year from all over the world. But, the dazzling emirate of the UAE features a tropical and arid climate due to its global position and geographical characteristics. Being a part of the Arabian Desert, Dubai features hot weather all through the year; however, the nearby sea cools down the temperature and provides relief to the locals as well as international tourists who plan vacation here.

dubaiDubai receives maximum number of tourists during winters i.e. the months between November and March. The months experience an average temperature of 15-20 degree Celsius, while the heat starts rising up from March. This period is relatively cooler than other seasons of the year and the climate is suitable for sightseeing and opting for various enthralling activities in Dubai. With enough sunshine in the day time and gentle breeze with infrequent drizzling, Dubai entices thousands of holidaymakers to browse through package deals to the emirate. Considered as the peak tourism season, Dubai becomes really crowded in winters. Hence, it is advised to make early reservation for tickets as well as accommodation.

dubai-aMillions of shopaholics are found on a mad scramble for air tickets to Dubai in January-February, to take part in the world famous Dubai Shopping Festival. Due to the large tourist influx, air tickets and accommodation rates get most expensive during the period. Hence, book in advance. Many pious souls prefer to visit the city during the month of Ramadan which occurs between July and September. The rates of air tickets and most of the hotels drop down up to 70% during this time as tourists are expected to follow the strict tenets of the Holy Month. Summers are best avoided for holidaying in Dubai as summer is really hot in Dubai. According to many, the scorching heat is not at all suitable for sightseeing and other activities. Sill, few tourists prefer to visit Dubai in summers to avail great discounts on air tickets, hotels and holiday packages to Dubai.