Auckland’s Top Indian Restaurants

New Zealand is a wonderful holiday destination that’s most known for its glowing natural prowess and the gift of pleasing the adventure tourists. New Zealand’s Auckland is one city where the two are found in abundance. There is another thing that’s found in the city that is loved by the tourists who are spending money on flights to the Auckland. It is the Indian restaurants. And there are heaps of them but only few are the true representations of great Indian culinary knowhow. Take a look at two of the most popular ones.

Auckland top restaurants

Oh Calcutta

There is no need to wander far when Oh Calcutta is in sight and authentic Indian food is to be had. Oh Calcutta is regarded as the best Indian restaurant in New Zealand and the eatery has several awards to establish it. It was named the best Indian in NZ in a Herald poll in 2008 and was the leading name in Metro’s list of The Top 50 Best Asian Restaurants in 2009. The menu is comprehensive with brilliant spicy concoctions waiting for adventurers. The interiors of the place are beautiful as well with intimate settings. Oh Calcutta is located in Parnell, which is some 18kms from the city airport. This means those who are disembarking their New Zealand flights and seek the real taste of India need not travel a lot.

Bolliwood Café Bar & Restaurant

This one is a particular favourite of the young. Bolliwood Café Bar & Restaurant is located in one of Auckland’s busy suburbs and is surely right up there even when it comes to authentic cuisines of the Asian country. It is a perfect venue for a lively, private gathering or a romantic dinner. It is an award winning brand and those who land in Auckland after blocking tickets on flights bound to New Zealand can certainly find out why! Not surprisingly, even those Indian tourists who are very particular about the authenticity of the fare are seen leaving the place in a good mood!