Best Season to Hike in New Zealand – Take Your Pick!

Endless list of thrill-filled activities explicates the adventurous facet of New Zealand. Of course, hiking is a top activity in the country that appeals to all. Whether you are a professional hiker or just want to explore the captivating natural beauty of the kiwi nation, hiking options are endless. Besides apt hiking spots, another aspect that gets the hiker thinking is the ‘best time to hike’ in New Zealand. Surely, no one can point out a bad time or season for hiking in this country! Whether you are buying tickets on New Zealand flights to enjoy winters in July or Christmas in the shade of sun, hiking is sure to tickle your adventure bone. Here’s a little more about hiking in this country across different seasons!


summerSummer in New Zealand is stretched from December to February. This is the best time to hike up the mountains in this splendid nation. Aspects that make summer the most favourable hiking time are dry weather and long sunny days. Remember, this is the peak season and sites tend to be crowded, hence plan early.


winterHordes of European travellers reserve seats on New Zealand bound flights to avoid soaring heat at home. For hikers in New Zealand, this is the time to take a walk through the snow capped mountains and admire the captivating magnificence of surrounding forests. Availability of cheap air tickets is one of the best prospects to plan hiking trip to New Zealand in winters. Other pros include less crowded tracks.


This is another best time to indulge in hiking in this country. Autumn here is stretched from March to May and allows hiking enthusiasts to avoid summer heat and crowds while admiring beguiling fascination of spectacular weather.


springWarm temperatures and scores of colourful flowers are the major highlights of New Zealand Spring. With longer days, hikers get more time to explore the tranquil regions of the country. Travellers boarding flights to visit here in late October and November are sure to get mesmerized by the splendour of alpine flowers.