Popular Ecotourism Attractions in New Zealand

New Zealand is a fine holiday destination that thrives on it natural pristine beauty and incredible adventure pursuits. It wouldn’t be wrong to suggest that folks who crave a perfect ecotourism journey would do best to get hold flights to New Zealand. Vacationers have the following options and much more to round of their ecotourism holidays in the country in the most gratifying manner.


Poor Knights Islands Marine Reserve

PoorKnightsIslands may look a little ordinary from the mainland but those who know will tell you that the islands have a long history attached to it. While the islands are off limits to preserve the indigenous flora and fauna, the waters off shore are in no way off the radar of tourists who love an eco adventure. On the contrary, the marine reserve makes for the perfect venue for ecotourism in New Zealand. It is one of the finest diving sites, offering adventurers a wonderful incentive to endure long-haul flights to New Zealand.


WhiteIsland (also known as Whakaari) is the only sub-marine volcano active in New Zealand. The shore of the place is perfect for checking out the region’s immaculate natural gift, with crystalline craters, sulphur- stained cliffs, and a toxic lake of rather effervescent colours. Of course, not many would like to land in these volatile surroundings but those who will surely believe they have found the origin of life itself at WhiteIsland!

Tongariro National Park

Tongariro National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Area, for both its volcanic landscape and cultural inheritance of the aboriginal Maori tribes. Tourists who land here after getting off from their flights in the country will surely be persuaded to explore this strange but incredible place. At Tongariro National Park, tourists will be able be see several extremes. Active volcanoes to lush forests to snow-capped mountains – the wonders never stop to roll at here! And of course, for eco-tourists, it just couldn’t get better. Hiking is the activity of choice for people who wish to explore the region in a comprehensive manner after spending money on flights.