Scirt World Buskers Festival – An Annual Extravaganza for Culture Vultures in Christchurch

ChristchurchCome to New Zealand this summer and experience the very best of different worlds with Scirt World Buskers Festival in Christchurch. Be it highly skilled acrobatics, hoola-hoopers, trapeze artists, musicians, dancers or any other sort of performer that catches your fancy – the festival has got it all! A complete sell-out each year, this extravagant carnival is scheduled to begin from January 15th and will last for 11 days i.e. till 25th January, 2015.

Every year, this one of the most popular cultural events of New Zealand attracts over 300,000 people who grab flights’ tickets for New Zealand from different parts of the world to enjoy nearly 55 performances by artists from 8 countries. The star attraction of this carnival is that it celebrates the entire city and its people by incorporating elements of festival and makes the event all the more exciting and fun-filled!

What to Expect?

With so much to see and do, it would certainly become baffling for the merrymakers to choose one. To make it a bit simpler, the event in 2015 has been characterized into five distinct genres namely – Ouch (events of expressions and body manipulation), HaHAA (events to make you laugh), LALALA (stuff with music), TA-DA (stuff with an element of magic) and WOW (daredevil and dangerous content). The shows start at different venues from early morning hours and go on till midnight. Moreover, after attending the crazy shows and live performances, visitors may further wander around the different city points to get entertained at the seven outdoor stages and venues, or face an engaging encounter with the roving performers.

Visitors must keep in mind that there can be random incidents of being squirted by a water gun in public as well as daring adventures like getting called up on stage to show your best to the world!! With the theme of – ‘Something for Everyone’, World Buskers Festival in Christchurch makes sure that it satisfies the fancies of visitors of all age groups getting aboard flights to the city. The renowned Tip Top Buskers Kid Pitch is a remarkable performance by the young ones who go an extra mile to prove that kids have no boundaries when it comes to entertaining the world!