Stroll Along Auckland Walkways to Immerse In the Distinctive Kiwi Splendour


Auckland, the largest city of New Zealand is a fabulous amalgamation of rural charm, glistening waters, appealing wildlife and stylish streets. The sheer might of city’s varied avenues can be best revealed through its different walkways. Grab air tickets to Auckland and let the heat within fuel the adrenaline in you! Have a look at two of the popular walks of the city which are certainly worth the bundles spent on air tickets aboard flights arriving in New Zealand.

North Shore Coastal Walk

Brimming with a wonderful string of glittering beaches and sheltered bays, the scenic coastline of Central Auckland’s North Shore is one of the most popular walkways in New Zealand. The walk at the coastline is a small section between the Milford Beach and Takapuna Beach which further leads to the much celebrated North Shore heritage trail. North Shore Coastal Walk starts from Long Bay Regional Park and passes through some of the best beaches and suburbs of the shore, and reaches out to Devonport, a historical seaside village. Throughout the route, holidaymakers may see or even join the locals in different activities including surfing, swimming, fishing, kite flying and many more. The entire route is of approximately 23 kilometres; however visitors may choose to do the whole trail, or just sections of it, as there are numerous entry and exit points en route.

Hunua Falls Upper Lookout Walk

Yet another compelling walkway of Auckland which is sure to set nature lovers on a mad quest to net air tickets for New Zealand is Hunua Falls Upper Lookout Walk. A part of East Auckland, the walking trail starts from the gorgeous Hunua Falls which is one of the most popular tourist attractions for both hikers and walkers in the bush-clad Hunua Ranges. The fall is almost 30 meters high and cascades over a hard volcanic basalt ledge. Also, the entire Hunua Fall is surrounded by lush green forests which are home to many native trees and tree ferns, including Cabbage Tree, Ponga, Tanekaha and Totara. Giving a quick window to the amazing flora of the region, this is one of many walks through the Hunua Ranges, which can also be combined with other short trails.