Three Breathtaking Experiences for Adventure-freaks Boarding Flights for New Zealand

Considered as the birthplace of bungee jumping and jet boarding, New Zealand, for adventure seekers, is as good as it gets! A vast shoreline boasting countless aquatic sports, wildlife-filled rainforests and snow-clad mountains promising exhilarating trekking experiences are just a few reasons why so many adrenaline aficionados have fallen under the spell of this fascinating country. Here are some heart-throbbing experiences awaiting thrill seekers boarding flights for New Zealand holidays.

Canyoning on Auckland’s West Coast

No longer isolated from mainland Auckland, the West Coast allures adrenaline junkies in hordes to discover its dazzling beauty and exotic water sports. One of the most enthralling experiences here is canyoning through the Blue Canyon’s stretch of forest-fringed cascades and natural pools. The series contains around 17 cascades that demand high stamina and great jumping techniques to get across. But the real challenge is at the end where one has to descend down a 25-meter gushing waterfall. Opportunity to see native wildlife and stunning natural beauty in the area make excursion more rewarding, well worth the cost of travel tickets for holidays in/around Auckland, New Zealand.

A Leap of Lifetime from Auckland’s Harbour Bridge

Auckland-Harbour-BridgeAuckland’s Harbour Bridge is where the first ever organised commercial bungee jump was made by A J Hackett in 1986. That itself is enough reason for bungee jumping enthusiasts to buy tickets for arriving in New Zealand’s adventure capital. But if you’re not content with it, then let yourself be assured that a leap from this historical bridge is a surreal experience amalgamating excitement. The thrill comes from the free-falling, about 40 meters down the point, and a smooth series of rebounds.

Skydiving over Lake Wanaka

Lake-WanakaFor a sheer heart-throbbing escapade, nothing compares the expedition of skydiving and there is no place like New Zealand to try it! Adventure-freaks from across the globe grab tickets on New Zealand flights to explore the breathtaking views of Lake Wanaka and the magnificent landscapes surrounding it, while flying like birds! The lofty snow-clad mountains resemble a white carpet around the jewel-like lake. Most skydiving operators in the region offer a tandem jump. Novice divers are offered lessons on what to do and how to conduct during excursion.