Three Popular Annual Food Festivals in New Zealand

New Zealand is well known for its penchant for delicious food and has also been defined as a haven for food buffs.


With their immense love for lamb and fish and chips to quirky preparations like Huhu Grub and the often debated yet loved Pavlova, the Kiwis sure know how to celebrate food and whatever comes along with it. If you happen to be in New Zealand, do buy tickets for these popular food festivals.

Auckland Seafood Festival (February)

The Auckland Seafood Festival commenced about eight years ago to celebrate New Zealand Seafood and Auckland Anniversary weekend. Apart from the delicious seafood, the festival also has a noble cause as the proceeds are given to charity. Over time, the festival has grown considerably due to the help of various stallholders and sponsors. This three-day festival of New Zealand seafood also includes live cooking demonstrations, musical acts and various contests. It is set on Wynyard Quarter, Halsey Wharf, and an operational port, which marks the centre of the fishing industry in Auckland.


If you are a cheese lover and happen to be holidaying in Auckland, Cheesefest is just your thing. The festival provides the ultimate experience for the cheese-lovers and gives you an opportunity to meet some of the most popular faces in the cheese industry from across the globe. You can visit the different stalls and sample cheese from some of the best local cheese-makers.

Wildfoods Festival

The Annual Wildfoods Festival is one of the most popular food festivals in the whole of New Zealand. It includes various traditional varieties, including Maori Hangi, which is the traditional Maori way of preparing food. The method has been in use since more than 2000 years. The food also includes some dishes which an outsider might find quirky. One example is Huhu Grub, which is prepared from the larvae of the Huhu beetle.