Tongariro National Park – A Glimpse of the Natural and Adventurous Side of New Zealand

Tongariro-National-ParkNew Zealand is home to many national parks but Tongariro National Park is somewhat special as it features a dual world heritage area. It is also the oldest national park in the Kiwi nation and is home to the most popular hiking sites in the country. Let’s check out what entices travellers to this national park.

Volcanic Mountains

Mt Ruapehu, Mt Ngauruhoe and Mt Tongariro are three volcanic mountains in this national park.

Mt Ruapehu: If you are a ski lover, you will end up spending most of your time at Whakapapaa and Turao, the largest ski fields in New Zealand. The Sacred Crater Lake is surrounded by snow and ice; there are only three such lakes in the world.

Mt Ngauruhoe: This is the most active volcano in New Zealand and the youngest among the three volcanic mountains in the national park. Hikers often climb the mountain from the western side but if you are looking for a challenging trek, try from the northern side.

Mt Tongariro: The most notable aspect of this mountain is Tongariro Alpine Crossing tracks that allure numerous hikers and trekkers all through the year.


Besides being the Carrot Capital of New Zealand, Ohakune also serves as an important base for adventure activities in Tongariro National Park. Summer is the best time to visit this town as you can be a part of various activities such as white water rafting, 4WD driving, mountain biking, canoeing and of course, hiking. Ohakune also hosts popular events such as Annual Carrot Carnival and Mardi Gras.

Whakapapa Village Area

This area is located at the base of Mt Ruapehu and serves as the main entrance to the Tongariro National Park. From here you can capture the captivating views of the volcanic mountains. It also has a variety of tracks for hiking and trekking. These tracks are suitable for people with different skill levels. The range of service here includes a visitor centre, bars, cafés and restaurants.