Top 3 Bungy Jumping Sites in New Zealand to Satiate Your Appetite for Adventure

Crazy, nerve-cracking and heart-chocking! It’s Bungy Jumping, we are talking about! And New Zealand is one of the best places on our earth to be a part of this exhilaration. Adventure seekers looking to add a travel experience full of delightful screams buy air tickets to fly to the Kiwi Nation and visit these cities and towns that are among the top notch bungy jumping sites in the world.



This panoramic town is home to Nevis Bungy, the highest in the Australasia and among the top places bungy jumping lovers must visit in their lifetime. It is located above gorgeous NevisRiver and thrill seekers get an opportunity to jump from a cable car that can accommodate six people. To be a jumper, you need to be over 13 and weigh at least 45kgs. Remember, weather here is quite different than the town. So, wearing warm clothes and carrying extra layers of clothes is always recommendable even if you are booking tickets to enjoy New Zealand summers.


Auckland, the largest metropolitan region in New Zealand, is reputed for its adventure streak. This city is home to first ever harbour bridge jumping in the world which takes place at AucklandBridge. It features Bungy Pod, a specially constructed podium to take a heart-pounding plunge from the sky-piercing height. Highlight of bungy jumping here includes a rare chance to take a jump that offers a refreshing ocean dip! Adventurous souls as young as 10 years also partake in this activity and feel the adrenaline rush provided their weight is not less than 35kgs. Besides bungy jumping, this bridge is also known for Bridge Climbing that allows travellers to capture the breathtaking beauty of Auckland.


This is another popular option among travellers spending pounds on air tickets to experience the thrill of water touch bungy in New Zealand. Honeymooners yearning to spend an adventure-filled-romantic-holiday in Kiwis can visit this heaven in NorthIsland and register for a couple jump. They can retain these astonishing moments in the form of photographs and videos.

No matter which city/town you opt for, it makes sense to inform the crew about medical conditions beforehand, if any.